Who Needs Girls When You Have Mommy


This is a story about a boy and his step-mother… You haven’t had much luck with the ladies recently, so your wonderful step-mother tries to cheer you up by taking you out to dinner. You get home after the mealand you’re still bummed out. Step-Mommy tries her best to cheer you up but you’re tired, so you head to bed early.

Later that night, step-mommy sneaks into your room, wearing just a robe. There’s only one other way that your step-mother can think of to cheer you up. She climbs up on your bed and slowly opens her robe to reveal her delicious womanly body. You’re shocked that your step-mother is naked in front of you. Your step-mother can sense your hesitation so to try and seduce you, she begins to apply oil to her body. She rubs the oil into her large breasts and she makes it a point to bring them uplose to your face several times. Step-Mommy can tell that you are mesmerized with her body at this point so she begins to tease you about just how much pleasure you can experience with her, that other girls can’t give you. You are still extremely hesitant but that’s ok… your cock is hard and there is no hiding it from step-mommy. She has you right where she wants you and she tells you to lie back…

The handjob of your life happens… She slowly pulls down your pants and exposes your cock. She grabs your cock with oiled hands and slowly begins to stroke. No girl can make you feel this good, step-mommy says as she is jerking your dick, and if i’m good, you can feel this pleasure every night. Step-Mommy quickly brings you to the edge, but she stops. Step-Mommy wants you to swear that you won’t try to be with any other girl, and that your step-mother will be the only woman in your life. You’re hesitant, but she reaches back down to your cock and gives it a few slow, wet strokes. It feels so good, that you give in and promise yourself to her. Delighted, step-mommy strokes you to your finish, and you explode into her hands. As you sigh with pleasure, step-mommy brings her breasts to your face, and tells you to suck from them. You are her baby boy again… forever and ever.

(This clip has an emphasis on the wet stroking sounds made with the oily handjob)

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