The Surgeon of Death an Executrix Fantasy


Hello sir. Are you ready for your surgery? Good good… this is a very simple procedure. It won’t take long at all once we get you on the table and sedated and the recovery will be a breeze! I just need to give you this injection to get you ready for the anesthesiologist… oh don’t worry! The needle looks huge but trust me, you’ll barely feel a thing. Now, there is something I need to disclose to you. Your surgery has been postponed…. indefinitely! That injection I gave you? That was a very sinister drug… it pumps through your to your heart and lies dormant until the moment you have an orgasm. Once you release your orgasm your heart is going to go…. BOOM! Now there is just one last thing I need to do to seal your fate… I sure hope you are going to enjoy this as this is the last orgasm you are ever going to get the pleasure of having!

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