The Celibacy Bet


Well, well… you got yourself in quite the predicament, didn’t you? Your hands, legs and mouth are bound… you are under my complete control. I can’t believe you actually made the mistake of trusting me to help you with your celibacy bet.

I mean, with so many thousands of dollars riding on your remaining celibate for 3 weeks, you really should have asked somebody a little less…. sinister. All you had to do was to remain celibate for 3 shorts weeks but with their only being a few days left, you have grown increasingly frustrated.

Being around sexy women all day at work… seeing them in their mini skirts at the grocery store… it was all becoming too much for you to handle on your own. That’s why you came to me. You wanted me to help you stay celibate and win the money. I told you I would… but I had other plans in mind.

And you fell right into my trap. Now, I am going to mercilessly tease you with my breasts… my ass… and the scent of my sweet pussy. I bet I can make you cum in your pants just from smelling my pussy. You are SO sexually frustrated right now. Poor baby… it’s ok.

Actually, I’m only going to tease you for a bit… then I am going to reach down and grab your cock and stroke your cum right out of you. It’s going to feel so incredibly good that you might even forget about all of that money you just lost.

Next time, you really shouldn’t be so trusting of your neighbors.

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