The Anniversary Impregnation


Hey baby! I’m so glad you are home.. I thought you would never get here! I just wanted to say… Happy Anniversary!! Can you believe that we have been together for a whole year? So babe… I was thinking of what I really wanted for my anniversary present. I know you’ve said that you weren’t ready before and the timing wasn’t right but babe… I really want a baby! I want you to get me pregnant! It’s obviously fate.. I mean, I’m ovulating on our one year anniversary! This was meant to be! Besides, I’m so horny and I know you are too. Let’s just have some incredible sex and you can give me a huge creampie deep in my pussy and if it happens, it happens. Now come over here and give me your dick, I need it bad baby!
2 Weeks Later: Oh my god…. oh my god!! Babe, you won’t believe this… I can barely believe it! I just had this feeling I was pregnant so I bought a pregnancy test and look what it says… I’M PREGNANT!!

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