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Get In My Pregnant Belly, I’m SO Hungry!


Thank you so much for coming over. I just really needed somebody to talk to. It’s SO hard being pregnant… all of the aches and pains and difficulty doing normal every day thing… but really, the most frustrating part of being pregnant is my insane hunger. I have to eat ALL the time. I eat everything I see. I just bought groceries a few days ago and the cupboards are already bare… and I am SO hungry. I can’t make it back to the store for more food and my pregnant belly hurts from being empty. I just have to eat something,.. I need nourishment… I need to fill my big pregnant belly… and well, that’s why I invited you over. See, being around you really makes my belly growl. You smell so delicious and you look like such a tasty snack… I just know you would fill my pregnant belly up for days! So… that’s why you are here… I am going to EAT you! I am going to eat you and fill my pregnant belly full and then I will have fun feeling you being digested by my stomach acids in my pregnant belly. There is only way out of my belly… and it’s not from the same hole you went in!

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: A pregnant vore clip you’ll never find anywhere else! Your pregnant friend invites you over to her house and complains about how hard it is to be pregnant. She has aches and pains but worst of all, she is constantly hungry! There is nothing to eat in the house and her pregnant belly is rumbling and growling… she tells you that she needs to eat this very minute and the only suitable food in the house is…. YOU! She grabs you up and sticks you in her mouth, savoring the taste of your yummy body. She swallows you whole and talks to you through her pregnant belly about how you will be digested in her stomach and will be turned into waste, disposed of in her toilet later that day. Don’t miss out on this incredible best selling pregnant vore clip!

Three Little Men Will Meet Their Fate Trapped Under a Giantess’s Socks


This is a custom commissioned video (no personal names are used), email me to order yours!

Three little men have found there way into a Giantess’s house and somehow they have found themselves trapped on three pieces of tape laying on the floor! Oh no, they are completely helpless and here comes the sock wearing Giantess, oblivious to the fact that she has tiny little prisoners lying helpless on the floor. She is talking on the phone and unknowingly she steps on each of the little men making them stuck to the bottom of her white socks. She sits down to continue her phone conversation when she becomes aware of the one of the little men stuck to her sock. She quickly hangs the phone up to better inspect the treasure affixed to the bottom of her foot.

The sinister Giantess becomes overjoyed with the fact that she has a new play thing and she pulls the tape off freeing the little man from her foot. She quickly decides that this little man will meet his fate in her Giantess pussy. She pulls her pants down and lets her ravenous pussy devour the little man. After this, she discovers the next little man stuck to her sock.

This little man will meet a fate far more cruel than the last. The Giantess decides that she needs a yummy snack and drops the little man into her mouth, swallowing him whole and letting her stomach acids to the rest. Now the Giantess becomes aware of the final little man on her foot.

This little man will not be disposed of so quickly like his friends were. She grabs the little man, pulls her sock open, and drops him inside of her sweaty sock. She laughs knowing that this little man will be slowly crushed under the weight of her Giantess foot for as long as she chooses to leave him there. She slides her boot on and gets ready to leave, enjoying the fact that she has a tiny little man trapped in her boot.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: An erotic tell of a Giantess that finds 3 tiny shrunken men trapped to her socks with tape. She discovers the little men and is immediately so excited because her boring night home alone just turned in to something more. She takes the first little man and makes him be swallowed whole by her sexy wet Giantess pussy. The second little man gets swallowed whole and alive into her Giantess belly and the third little man meets his fate in her sweaty stinky Giantess sock!

A Very Merry Giantess Christmas


Oh my! Santa brought me a present! I wonder what it could be… hmmm… the box is really small so whatever is inside must be small… and it smells really good too! I simply must know what’s inside! Ohhh a box full of tiny shrunken people! Oh what a wonderful gift, just what a giantess needed! Santa must have known that I needed some new play things! Let’s see, first I am going to use them to play with my big giantess nipples. After that, my giantess asshole needs to be cleaned and I see the perfect little man to do the job! I’ve always wanted my giantess pussy to swallow a little man… hmmm, which one of you are going to meet your fate inside my pussy? Well, I’m tired now and super hungry… it’s time for the giantess to devour her snacks! Each and every one of you are getting swallowed alive to be digested in my belly! Mmmmm, thanks Santa for the awesome presents!

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The Giantess Jar of Misfortune


Giantess Kristi discovers tiny little men sitting on her couch. She was quite delighted as she had just ran out of her previous stash of little people. She quickly scoops them up and deposits the lot into a small glass jar. The next morning the sexy giantess wakes and pops the lid off the jar. She reaches in for the first little man and straight to her Goddess asshole he goes. She makes him sniff and clean until he meets his fate by anal . Kristi reaches in the jar for the second little man. She sticks his tiny body into her wet pussy and lets her hungry pussy devour him. What ever will happen to the final little man? Will he be swallowed whole and digested in a pit of stomach acid?

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