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Your Step Mother’s Feet Make You Take Your Last Breath


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You are my stepmother and you married my father for his money because he was a billionaire. We all knew he had an weak heart and one day it just stopped overnight and he never woke up again. You were over joyed at this untimely passing and couldn’t wait for the will to be read. When the day finally came you heard the worst news of your life… In his last will and testament it says that all the money goes to his only surviving son. There was a stipulation, ofcourse, that in the event of his son’s untimely passing the money shall then be transferred to his young wife, Kristi. You are angry that he would leave his fortune to his worthless son so you put a plan together into k*ll your step son. You searched and searched and came up with the perfect solution… an untraceable ending for your step son. You bought a pill on the black market. This pill causes an heart attack when someone gets too “excited” and it also paralyses nearly the whole body as one of it’s side effects. Now you just have to put your plan into action….

My dear step son, why are you looking so down tonight? Are you still upset over your father’s ? Oh honey, it’s time to let him go… he would want you to be happy and not grieving. Here, let step mother help you feel better. Come sit down with me and have a drink, a little alcohol always makes things better! I’ve even give you one of my pills… oh don’t worry, this just mellows you out and really helps you relax. I take them every night, they are totally safe. I’ll just drop it right here into your drink… now go ahead, that’s it, drink the whole cup down. Good boy… are you feeling…. relaxed now? Good, good. That’s it, just close your eyes….

I see you are awake now… and I’m sure you are wondering why you feel so weird! You are realizing that you are paralized, you cannot move! Don’t worry, this is just a side effect of that pill I gave you. The one that was suppose to help you relax… except, that wasn’t what it was for. That was actually a drug that causes sudden and complete heart failure if you get too excited. I’m sure you are thinking that it would be impossible for you to get excited in the condition that you are currently in but trust me step son, your devious step mother has that all figured out. One part of you that is not paralized is your cock and I know just how much you have always lusted over my pretty feet. I’ve seen the way you stare at my feet when your father wasn’t around… I know all too well exactly what my beautiful feet do to you… and today, my feet are going to lead to your demise. My feet wrapped around your cock will be the last thing you ever feel… and they will be the cause of the last breath you ever take. Don’t worry, I’ll get immense joy out of spending every last dollar of your inheritance!

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Step Mother Makes You Eat Her Pussy


Hello step son. I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something but I had to leave for work early this morning and you were still sleeping. See, I know you’ve been stealing my worn pantyhose and probably my panties as well. My favorite pair of suntan hose have been missing for a week now and when I was putting your laundry away last night I found them in your sock drawer. I found my worn pantyhose in your drawer! Your father is going to be so pissed when he find outs…. What? You don’t want me to tell him? Hmm… well, if you really want me to keep your secret then you’ll have to do something for me first. I know just the thing… I want you to get over here and get down on your knees and eat my pussy. That’s right, you are going to lap the sweet pussy juices from your step mother’s slit. Get to it, eat that pussy… it’s been a while since my sweet box has been properly licked. Mmmm yes… oh god, that was incredible. Now you got me so worked up I just have to have some of the young dick inside of me. Stand up and slide your cock in my pussy… you are going to fuck your step mother like she hasn’t been fucked in a very long time!

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Stroke for Your Step Mother’s Huge Titties


Honey, what are you doing in here? Your father is in the bath so if you are looking for him…. what? Oh you can’t be serious… you are having that problem… again?! Well, there isn’t much I can do about it right now. I told you, I don’t mind being a good step mother and helping you out with your erection problems but we have to do that kind of stuff when your father isn’t here. We can’t be fooling around while he is in the house! What would happen if he walked in and caught us? He would be furious and we would be in so much trouble! I’m sorry, I can’t help you right now… you can take care of… that… yourself, can’t you? Ugh! Why do you have to be so stubborn? You are lucky that I am like the best step mommy ever because I am so risking my ass to help you tonight. The only thing I can do to help you right now is let you stroke for my titties. We have to be quick and we have to make sure your father doesn’t catch us! Now hurry and pull your cock out and start stroking for my big beautiful titties. Go on, hurry! Oh my god, I think I hear your father coming! Hurry, put your dick up before he catches us! Oh… it was a false alarm, pull it out and start stroking for my titties again but hurry! You have to come soon before he is finished with his bath!

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