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Your Mother, Your Wife, Your New Happy Life


This incredibly erotic mother/son fantasy contains my longest virtual sex scene yet. Over 15 minutes of pure erotic bliss between mother and son… you definitely cannot miss out on this steamy shower sex fantasy with your mother!

Oh honey, I still can’t believe it sometimes. How will are finally together… forever. We moved to another state and got married and now we can be together as husband and wife. Nobody knows us here, nobody knows that we are really mother and son. It’s all so surreal…. how you got me pregnant and I am carrying your baby…. I am so absolutely happy. I’ve never been happier in my entire life and it’s all thanks to you. I love you… hubby *wink*.

We need to take a shower before work, why don’t you come get in with me? Do you want me to wash you… down there? It looks like somebody needs a little special attention if you know what I mean. Mmm yes, he is definitely hard… my pussy is wet too. Baby, why don’t you come over here and fuck your pregnant mommy… I mean, your pregnant wife. I want you to take me right here in the shower against the wall. Mmm yes, fuck me hard with your big cock… that cock that I love so much I married it. Oh god yes, make me cum on your cock!

Oh that was incredible… you made me cum so hard. But… well, you are still hard as a rock. Here, let me take care of you with my mouth. I am going to suck your big hard cock so good and I want you to shoot your load right in mouth. Your mommy…. your wife… loves swallowing your delicious cum!

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Suck on Mommy’s Milky Titties


Honey, are you still awake? Good…. mommy needs to talk to you. I want to know why you have been in such a bad mood lately. You’ve been very down and honestly you’ve been treating mommy really bad. I am not leaving this bed until you tell me why! Ugh honey! How could you even think such a thing? Is that really what you’ve been thinking this whole time? Why would you ever think that just because I am having a new baby that I would just throw you to the side? You are my first born son, I love you so much and I would never love the new baby more than I love you. That’s just ridiculous honey and I want you to know that it is not true. Now sure when the new baby comes I will have to spend a lot of time with the baby and you might feel a little left out…. Honey, I think I know of a way that you could feel really close to mommy before the baby comes… a way that we can get some special bonding time together before the baby gets here. How would you like to suck on mommy’s milky boobies? It’s what the baby is going to be doing and if you do it now before the baby comes then you won’t feel so left out when I am feeding the baby all the time. We can do this every night until the baby arrives… do you want to? Good boy, here just suck right here on mommy’s milky boobies and get all of the milk out. You have to suck them dry so they can refill with even more milk for you tomorrow night! Mmmm yes, that’s mommy’s sweet boy drinking all of my yummy milk!

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Your loving pregnant mother has been noticing that you have been unhappy lately. She comes to your room to find out why and she discovers that you are jealous of the baby in her belly! Your mother doesn’t want you to be jealous so she offers to spend some special bonding time with you by letting you suck on mommy’s milky titties and drink her titty milk until your new little sibling comes! You know you love drinking mommy’s titty milk in this sexy taboo milf tit worship fetish clip!

My 30th Birthday Wish


Babe, thank you so much for the wonderful 30th birthday… I’m sorry that I seemed sad all day. It’s just… well, I am so tired of this infertility! We’ve been trying to have a baby for 5 years now and month after month is another let down. I guess it is just never going to happen for us… I will never be a mother. I suppose it is time to get over it and accept it.

Oh babe! Is that for me? What a cute birthday cake and you even put a candle on it! Well I guess I should make a wish and blow out my candle right? Ok… I wish that I will become pregnant. I wish to be a mommy… to have a big pregnant belly with a baby inside of it. I wish, I wish, I wish! Thank you babe, that was delicious but we need to get to sleep now. We have a really busy day tomorrow… good night!

*Yawn* Good morning babe. Oh…. my… god…. BABE! Look at my belly! My wish… it came true?! My belly is huge and…. I feel a baby inside of me… I do babe I do. I can feel it kicking! Oh babe, my birthday wish came true, I’m pregnant! I’m going to be a mommy… I have a baby in my belly! Oh babe, I’m so happy… and…. wow, I’m really horny… like super horny. My pregnancy hormones are going crazy right now! I need your cock babe! You want to fuck my pregnant pussy, don’t you? Oh I can’t believe I am actually saying that, I never thought I would be able to tell you to fuck my pregnant pussy. Mmmm babe, I need your cock inside of me. I am going to fuck your brains out with my wet pregnant pussy!

Oh babe, we lost track of time! We have to hurry and get ready before we are late. I sure hope my clothes still fit with this new pregnant belly… I don’t have any fat clothes! Oh my, my boobs grew like crazy too! Look at this bra, it doesn’t even fit! And this shirt… oh no, babe… it doesn’t fit. There is no way this shirt is going to button over my big pregnant belly! I don’t have anything else to wear. I guess I am just going to have to go out like this!

My Son’s 18th Birthday Blowjob


Hi honey! I’m so glad you are finally home, I’ve been waiting all day to give you your birthday present! I hope you like it… go ahead open it! Soo…. what do you think? What do you mean it’s not what you wanted? You’ve been asking for one of those for months now… what else could you possibly want? Well? Honey! You can’t be serious… are you really asking your mother for a…. a blowjob? Are you serious? I’m your mommy, I can’t…. suck your…. cock! Well… I do want this to be the most special birthday of your life, it is your 18th after all. I suppose I could give you a blowjob this one time but you can’t tell anybody about it honey! Deal? Ok… well unzip your pants and let mommy suck on your dick for your 18th birthday… and you can shoot your load in my mouth too! I hope this was the best birthday present ever son!

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: It’s your 18th birthday and your mother got you a present… but it’s not what you wanted. You’ve had this fantasy in your head for years that on your 18th birthday your mother would go down and slurp on your cock. You finally have enough balls to straight out tell her that’s what you want. She is shocked and surprised for a few moments but soon she agrees that she promised to give you the best birthday ever and if you want a blowjob from your mommy for your birthday, you are going to get one. She sucks your cock so good and even lets you blow all in her mouth… and ofcourse your mother swallows your cum like a good mommy would! Extremely sexy incest mother son blowjob clip!

Swapping Bodies with My Hot Mom!


You’ve always been a curious boy… probably too curious for your own good. You’ve been having dreams lately of what it would be like if you could swap bodies with a girl… a hot girl… a girl like your mother! You’ve dreamed about it almost every night. One day you happen upon a curious little shop with lots of weird things for sale. You notice a curious box with magical chocolates… chocolates that promise to let you swap bodies with whomever eats them. You are sure they won’t actually work but you just have to try. You purchase them and bring them home as a gift for your mother….

Oh honey! You bought me chocolates? Thank you! These are SO expensive, what’s the special occasion? Oh well, I’m just so happy to receive something so special from you! Which one should I try? Mmmmm how about… this one? Oh honey…. mmmm… that was so absolutely devine. I’ve never tasted anything so good…. so… magical in my entire life! Thank you so much sweety…. but mommy is so tired. I need to get to bed, I’ll see you in the morning, ok?

The magical chocolates took effect somewhere around midnight… it is now the next morning.

No way! Did they really work? They must have… I have long hair and big tits… oh my god! I must be in my mother’s body! They did work, I swapped bodies with my mom! Oh this is just too cool! What should I do? Well, I’m definitely going to check this awesome body out… I’ve always wondered what it was like to be a woman.

Oh these tits! Look at them! They are so big and squishy… my mom has some tits! Hmmm… I wonder if I should…. well, should I check out what it’s like to have a… pussy? No… I don’t think I should… I mean, touching my mom’s pussy… she would be so pissed! But she won’t find out so I’m going to go for it. Ohhhhhh wow…. this thing feels incredible! It’s so wet! It feels so good to touch it like this…. that’s it, I’ve decided… I’m going all out since I finally got my wish. I am totally masturbating in my mom’s body. I just have to know what it’s like to have an orgasm as a woman!

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: A gender transformation taboo clip like no other! You’ve always been curious about what it would be like to swap bodies with a hot girl… a girl like your mother! Imagine your excitement when you stumble across some magically body swapping chocolates. You bring them home to your mother and she eagerly eats one. Later that night the magic took effect when you both went to sleep. You woke up the next morning completely shocked to find yourself in your mother’s incredibly sexy pregnant body! You can’t wait to explore it… squeezing her big luscious titties and finger banging her wet pussy until you have the most intense orgasm ever as a woman. Don’t miss this incredibly erotic gender transformation body swapping taboo masturbation clip!

Mother’s Pussy is STILL the Best Nightcap


I can’t believe the hotel messed up our reservations and stuck us in a room with only one bed… ugh! Well, it’s too late to do anything about it. We have to get up early in the morning so if we have to share a bed then… well, you are just going to have to get over it son. I can’t do anything about it, we are stuck with this room. I need to take a bath and get ready for bed so just hang out and find something to do until I get back…

You can’t help but be curious about what your mother is doing in the bathroom so you sneak in and see her bent over the tub with just a thong on. You know you should leave but your mother’s ass has you mesmerized until…

OMG what are you doing in here?! Haven’t you heard of knocking? Get out! I told you I was taking a bath, I’ll be done soon, OUT!

30 minutes later….

I can’t believe you just saw me naked. You should have knocked first… I am so mad at you… these tits are for your dads eyes only! But whatever, I’m too tired to punish you, let’s just go to bed….. Oh my god, were you just rubbing my ass? What the hell is wrong with you tonight? Now I’m awake and it’s going to take forever to go back to sleep. What… what do you mean YOU can’t sleep? Well, just do what you’ve always done that helps you sleep… go masturbate or something and leave me alone! Ugh fine, I’ll let you touch my ass while you do it if you just hurry up and finish! What do you mean it’s not working? Are you ever going to let me get some sleep?
Fine, I’ll take care of this myself. I’m only doing this because I NEED my sleep and you are keeping me awake! I am going to let you touch mommy’s tits and pussy while you touch yourself, ok? You are SO lucky I am letting you do this because under normal circumstances I would never!

Oh honey… I don’t know if it’s just because it’s so late at night or…. well, watching you touch yourself while you are touching me is just… oh it’s driving me crazy! Now I’m all turned on and worked up and I’m never going to get any sleep…. unless… well, I need something baby… it’s your fault, you did this to me. You are going to have to lie down and let mommy fuck you, it’s the only way either of us is going to get any sleep!

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Your sexy pregnant mother and yourself get stuck in a small hotel room with only one bed. You have no choice but to share the same bed… and this always leads to trouble. Your mother likes sleeping in her panties and you are a young man with needs and urges and seeing your mother’s big sexy ass in your face makes it impossible to resist. Your cock is hard, you can’t sleep and you can’t keep your hands to yourself. You grab your mother’s ass and she wakes up totally pissed off. She tells you to go back to sleep but you can’t, your cock is too hard to let you sleep. It’s late and your mother is desperate for some sleep so she gives in and let’s you fuck her tight MILF pussy until you blow a huge load deep in her slit. Now you are both thoroughly worn out and sleep comes very easy. An incredible sexy pregnant mommy son virtual sex incest fucking roleplay clip!

You Can’t Leave Your Mother


Come experience the ultimate erotic mother and son seduction fantasy… Your sexy mother just can’t bare to let her only son leave the nest…. and she will do anything to make sure he stays with her!

Hey honey! You are home early…. what’s up? Your…. your… moving out?? Honey, you can’t! You just can’t leave me like this… I won’t allow it! I need you here with me… you can’t just leave your mother like this. I’ve taken care of you for 18 years now and I’ve always been here for you and you are just going to pack up your stuff and leave? Please honey… isn’t there anything I can do to change your mind? Baby… I know you are at the age where you need a special kind of love and affection from a woman… I know you think I am just your mother but I can be so much more. I can be everything you need… I can give you all of the affection you need and not just like a mother would. Let me show you sweetie, let me show you how good I can make you feel. Mommy knows you exactly what you need… what you crave… what you desire… and I can give it all to you better than any other woman can. Let mommy show you that all you need is me and all I will ever need is you!

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: The most erotic mother son fantasy you will ever experience! Your pregnant mother loves you dearly and it’s just been you and her your whole lives. You finally found a girlfriend and are ready to start your adult life out of your mother’s house. You come home to break the news and to pack your bags but your mother doesn’t take this very well at all. She totally freaks out and begs you not to leave her… when the begging doesn’t work, she resorts to more drastic… more seductive measures. She begins to touch your cock… you want to pull away but you can’t. Your mother is very persuasive and soon you have lost all will to object. Your mother goes down on your cock giving you the best blowjob of your life… and it isn’t long after that, that you have your cock balls deep in her wet pussy making her moan and scream for you to fuck her harder! Intense pregnant mother and son taboo fantasy roleplay clip!

Mommy Laughs at Your Small Dick and Makes You Jerk for Her


This is a custom commissioned video (no personal names are used), email me to order yours!

You walk into your bedroom coming home early from work. You’re wondering what the fuck Im doing in your bedroom. You see me with a pair of your panties in my hand and have one hand in my pants. You call me a pervert and are grossed out and mad but also curious; you want to see how big her son’s dick is. You directly say, “I want to see how big your dick is since you’re older now”. You ask me to show it to you. I’m really embarrassed at this point. You mention that since I am getting older that I would probably have a huge dick since my father does. You say that it would be kinda hot to find out that my son has a huge dick. You would tell all your girlfriends that your son has a big dick. You tell me to pull my fucking pants down. I’m really scared to do that so you pull my pants & boxers off for me. You give a little surprised face from reacting that your pervy little son has a small dick. You try not to laugh. You degrade me for a little bit. You wanna see me jerk it with me having the panties wrapped around my dick and see how hard I can get. You encourage me to keep going using JOI motions. You mention not to tell anyone. You ask me if I jerkoff in the shower thinking about your big boobs and your cleavage, and I say yes as you play with your boobs while bending over. I tell you that I also jerkoff to your pictures, and you call me sick and gross. You are not surprised since youre positive that the young high school boys that I’m friends with do it all the time thinking about your big boobs and jerking their small dicks to your pictures right when they get home . You think it’s so hot that young horny from my school masturbate to your pictures. You can’t believe that this is happening, but also turned on without telling me. You are wondering how long its going to take before I cum in front of you. You mention that you love to go online and watch random, young, big dick jerkoff and shoot their cum everywhere. You think that my load won’t be very big. Then you see me cum and you give me the oh my god reaction (big eyed, hand covering mouth) because I shot it everywhere all over your panties. You tell me that was one of the biggest loads you have ever seen. You tell me that my dick isnt that small but big dicks only work for me. You call me creepy and gross. You tell me to get the fuck out and to wash your panties. You continue to make fun of my small dick.

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Your Step Mother’s Feet Make You Take Your Last Breath


This is a custom commissioned video (no personal names are used), email me to order yours!

You are my stepmother and you married my father for his money because he was a billionaire. We all knew he had an weak heart and one day it just stopped overnight and he never woke up again. You were over joyed at this untimely passing and couldn’t wait for the will to be read. When the day finally came you heard the worst news of your life… In his last will and testament it says that all the money goes to his only surviving son. There was a stipulation, ofcourse, that in the event of his son’s untimely passing the money shall then be transferred to his young wife, Kristi. You are angry that he would leave his fortune to his worthless son so you put a plan together into k*ll your step son. You searched and searched and came up with the perfect solution… an untraceable ending for your step son. You bought a pill on the black market. This pill causes an heart attack when someone gets too “excited” and it also paralyses nearly the whole body as one of it’s side effects. Now you just have to put your plan into action….

My dear step son, why are you looking so down tonight? Are you still upset over your father’s ? Oh honey, it’s time to let him go… he would want you to be happy and not grieving. Here, let step mother help you feel better. Come sit down with me and have a drink, a little alcohol always makes things better! I’ve even give you one of my pills… oh don’t worry, this just mellows you out and really helps you relax. I take them every night, they are totally safe. I’ll just drop it right here into your drink… now go ahead, that’s it, drink the whole cup down. Good boy… are you feeling…. relaxed now? Good, good. That’s it, just close your eyes….

I see you are awake now… and I’m sure you are wondering why you feel so weird! You are realizing that you are paralized, you cannot move! Don’t worry, this is just a side effect of that pill I gave you. The one that was suppose to help you relax… except, that wasn’t what it was for. That was actually a drug that causes sudden and complete heart failure if you get too excited. I’m sure you are thinking that it would be impossible for you to get excited in the condition that you are currently in but trust me step son, your devious step mother has that all figured out. One part of you that is not paralized is your cock and I know just how much you have always lusted over my pretty feet. I’ve seen the way you stare at my feet when your father wasn’t around… I know all too well exactly what my beautiful feet do to you… and today, my feet are going to lead to your demise. My feet wrapped around your cock will be the last thing you ever feel… and they will be the cause of the last breath you ever take. Don’t worry, I’ll get immense joy out of spending every last dollar of your inheritance!

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Your wicked step mother will do anything to secure your inheritance… including taking you out! Your father passed and now you are the only thing left between her and the money and she is not happy about it. She tricks you into taking a powerful black market drug one night and proceeds to give you the foot fucking of your life… that will also end your life. Sexy executrix taboo clip!

Pregnant Mommy Teaches You to Masturbate


This is a custom commissioned video (no personal names are used), email me to order yours!

Your sexy pregnant mother just got out of the shower and is applying lotion to her beautiful glowing pregnant body. Her door is cracked and you can’t help but peek through the open door and watch her rub the lotion in to her body… you are mesmerized, unable to remove your eyes from your mother’s pregnant body. You are fascinated by how big her breasts and belly have gotten… you are lost in her beauty…. until she suddenly notices you spying on her!

Honey! What are you doing?! Were you spying on mommy? Oh don’t run away baby, come back. I’m not mad, I promise. I was just a little surprised is all but I want you to come in and talk to mommy. Tell me honey, have you been spying on me… more than just this once? You have, haven’t you? Well, I understand. I do. I understand that my sweet son is obviously curious about his mom’s ever growing pregnant body and that is totally normal honey. Infact, I want you to stay in here while I finish applying my lotion and we can have a little “talk”.
You like my pregnant body, don’t you son? You like it a lot… I can tell. I can see from the tent in your pants that you are very excited right now… watching your pregnant mommy rub her beautiful body with lotion. You understand what is happening, right baby? Your penis is hard because you are very excited by your mommy and I want you to fully understand everything that is happening to you right now. Here, take some of my lotion in your hand and start rubbing it on your penis. Mommy is going to teach you how to masturbate your penis. Now don’t go too fast honey… you want to do this right so you can experience the true pleasure of masturbating. Slow down baby, don’t go so fast! I know you are excited but you must pace yourself…
You know what? I think you need mommy to help you. I can show you just how to do it because you obviously need a little help. Just come sit down infront of mommy and let me touch your penis. I am going to make you feel so good and I’ll show you exactly how you should touch yourself. You can look at your mom’s swollen breasts and big pregnant belly while I am stroking you. That’s right honey, just let mommy make you feel good and I am even going to make you have an amazing orgasm right on my pregnant belly!

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: You were spying on your pregnant mother as she was applying her nightly lotion. You have been such a curious boy about her newly pregnant body and how much different it looks. You spy on her every chance you get but this time you got caught! Mommy notices you lurking outside her bedroom door and invites you to come in. She wants to explain everything about her pregnant body and she wants to teach you how to properly stroke your aroused cock. She knows you are hard from looking at her body and she wants you to understand just how to take care of your erection with a sexy pregnant handjob and you even get to blow your cum load all over mommy’s pregnant belly!