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Smelling Your Sister’s Ass Leads to Hardcore Incestuous Sex


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Your sexy big booty sister is getting ready to go on a date and she doesn’t notice you staring at her from outside the bathroom door. Her ass is looking so good in those tight sweat pants and your cock is getting hard just looking at it. The longer you stand there staring at her ass, the less control you have over yourself. You just can’t take anymore and you stoop in and stick your face in her taking in a deep whiff of her delicious scent….

Oh my god! Brother, did you just sniff my ass? How could you do that? Do you have any idea how weird and pervy that is?! Get out of here, you are going to make me late for my date, GO! Umm… no you absolutely can not sniff my ass again! Why would you even ask that, I’m your sister! I don’t care how amazing you say my ass is or how good it smells… I’m not letting you sniff it again!

Wow, you are really persistent aren’t you? I can’t believe you want to sniff my ass that bad… That is a really weird thing to want to do to your sister…. but…. well, I guess it wasn’t so bad… I mean, it was only an ass sniff and it obviously means so much to you so…. fine, I’ll let you sniff it again. Go ahead, stick your face in there and sniff it. Wait… what? You want me to pull my sweats and panties down…. ummm, brother… I’m not sure that is such a good idea. Do you really want to have your face all up in your sister’s bare ass and pussy? Hmmm… well, whatever, I guess I will let you do it just this once. Go ahead, smell your sister’s ass and pussy.

Mmmm you like that, don’t you? You love the way my ass and pussy smells… it’s so delicious right? Hehe… that’s it bro, really push your face in there and smell the delicious aroma of my pussy and ass. Mmmm I’m really getting into this bro, I’m really starting to like it! Hey, why did you stop? Umm… why are you pulling your cock out? Oh my god…. you are going to fuck me now?! I’m your sister!

Step Mother Makes You Eat Her Pussy


Hello step son. I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something but I had to leave for work early this morning and you were still sleeping. See, I know you’ve been stealing my worn pantyhose and probably my panties as well. My favorite pair of suntan hose have been missing for a week now and when I was putting your laundry away last night I found them in your sock drawer. I found my worn pantyhose in your drawer! Your father is going to be so pissed when he find outs…. What? You don’t want me to tell him? Hmm… well, if you really want me to keep your secret then you’ll have to do something for me first. I know just the thing… I want you to get over here and get down on your knees and eat my pussy. That’s right, you are going to lap the sweet pussy juices from your step mother’s slit. Get to it, eat that pussy… it’s been a while since my sweet box has been properly licked. Mmmm yes… oh god, that was incredible. Now you got me so worked up I just have to have some of the young dick inside of me. Stand up and slide your cock in my pussy… you are going to fuck your step mother like she hasn’t been fucked in a very long time!

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Jerk Your Cock for Mommy’s Sexy Ass


Hi sweetie! I was just folding up some laundry before I get started on dinner. Hmmm… mommy sure does have a lot of sexy panties, doesn’t she? Honey, will you help me pick out a pair of panties to wear tonight? I really need your opinion, you know it means so much to me! Just turn around and look the other way while I slip this pair on. So,…. what do you think? Do you like these? No? Well, let me try on this other pair. How about these? Do you like? Oh son, you most definitely like these! Don’t act like you don’t like what you see…. I can tell by that tent you are pitching in your pants! Why are you acting like you don’t like your mother’s body? You know you do…. that’s why you are still standing here, watching me change into these panties! Well, now you have a stiffy so we definitely have to take care of that before dinner. Hmmm…. I want you to drop your pants and touch yourself for mommy. Yes honey, it’s totally fine. I’ve been curious about it anyways. I see you in your bed at night touching yourself and now I want to see you do it right here infront of me. You need the practice anyways son… it will help you out when you get a girlfriend in the future! I’ll show you my sexy big booty while you are touching yourself… deal?

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