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Pregnant Sister Teaches Little Brother About Sex


Hey little bro, it sure is late, you should be in bed! Did you need something? You wanted to ask me a question… about what? OH that…. ummm… bro…. don’t you think you should wait to talk to mom about… sex? Oh you’re right, it would be really embarrassing to talk to mom about having sex. I would much rather talk to my sister about it to. Well, what did you want to know? You want to know about me?? What about me?? Why I’m pregnant? Oh brother… are you sure you really want to know about this? It’s probably going to blow your little mind!

Ok… well, the reason why I am pregnant is because a boy put his penis in my pussy and released his sperm inside of me. See, boys have penises and girls have pussies. That’s right, you have a penis and…. brother! You are totally pitching a tent in your pants right now! Why did you have to go and get an erection… you can’t leave my room looking like that! Mom will totally know something is up!

I guess I am going to have to teach you sex ed part 2. You are going to have to touch yourself while I touch myself and we will both have an orgasm so that way you know what girls like and what boys like. Ok so grab your penis and start rubbing it like this… and I am going to rub my clit and mmmmm…. oh yes… oh god that feels so good… mmmm YES! See, that’s what it looks like when a girl has an orgasm. Little bro, why haven’t you cummed yet?

Well, the only other way we are going to be able to make you cum is if you put your penis in my pussy and fuck me. Ummm no, you can’t get me pregnant, I’m already pregnant and it doesn’t work like that, DUH! Here, just come get between my legs and put your penis inside of me and fuck me and you will cum like that. That’s right, just like that. In and out, in and out, keep going little bro!

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Cum for Your Aunt’s Pantyhose


Hello nephew. I know what you have been doing while you stay with me for the weekend. You don’t even have to lie about it, I already found out. I looked through your backpack when you were gone and I found my worn pantyhose in them. Would you like to tell me why you’ve been stealing auntie’s pantyhose? No? Well, I’ll tell you what I think… I think you’ve been stealing my dirty worn hose so you can touch yourself with them… am I right? Yes, I know I am.

Don’t worry honey, you are not in trouble and I am not going to tell your mother. See, your aunt is a very open minded woman and I fully understand that it is totally natural for a boy like yourself to have special feelings for his older female relatives. There is nothing wrong with it… infact, I want you to touch yourself right now infront of your auntie while I touch myself through my sexy pantyhose. That’s it sweetie, go ahead, let’s touch ourselves at the same time and see what happens. I’m sure it will feel really good and maybe this will dissuade you from stealing my pantyhose again.

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Mommy Laughs at Your Small Dick and Makes You Jerk for Her


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You walk into your bedroom coming home early from work. You’re wondering what the fuck Im doing in your bedroom. You see me with a pair of your panties in my hand and have one hand in my pants. You call me a pervert and are grossed out and mad but also curious; you want to see how big her son’s dick is. You directly say, “I want to see how big your dick is since you’re older now”. You ask me to show it to you. I’m really embarrassed at this point. You mention that since I am getting older that I would probably have a huge dick since my father does. You say that it would be kinda hot to find out that my son has a huge dick. You would tell all your girlfriends that your son has a big dick. You tell me to pull my fucking pants down. I’m really scared to do that so you pull my pants & boxers off for me. You give a little surprised face from reacting that your pervy little son has a small dick. You try not to laugh. You degrade me for a little bit. You wanna see me jerk it with me having the panties wrapped around my dick and see how hard I can get. You encourage me to keep going using JOI motions. You mention not to tell anyone. You ask me if I jerkoff in the shower thinking about your big boobs and your cleavage, and I say yes as you play with your boobs while bending over. I tell you that I also jerkoff to your pictures, and you call me sick and gross. You are not surprised since youre positive that the young high school boys that I’m friends with do it all the time thinking about your big boobs and jerking their small dicks to your pictures right when they get home . You think it’s so hot that young horny from my school masturbate to your pictures. You can’t believe that this is happening, but also turned on without telling me. You are wondering how long its going to take before I cum in front of you. You mention that you love to go online and watch random, young, big dick jerkoff and shoot their cum everywhere. You think that my load won’t be very big. Then you see me cum and you give me the oh my god reaction (big eyed, hand covering mouth) because I shot it everywhere all over your panties. You tell me that was one of the biggest loads you have ever seen. You tell me that my dick isnt that small but big dicks only work for me. You call me creepy and gross. You tell me to get the fuck out and to wash your panties. You continue to make fun of my small dick.

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Reminiscing About Impregnating Your Girlfriend


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Babe, I know you are away at work so I am making this little video to show you how much I miss you. One of things I used to enjoy the most was having sex with you when I was ovulating… when we were trying to make a baby. I loved having my hungry pussy filled up with your cum knowing that each time you filled my pussy up I could possibly become pregnant. It was such a huge turn on babe! I loved it! Well, it didn’t take long for you to get me pregnant and now the spark that we once had is…. gone! Sex just isn’t as exciting now knowing that you can’t get me pregnant because I am already pregnant. So today, I want you to masturbate with me. We are going to have a tantalizing mutual masturbation session and we are going to pretend like I am not pregnant. You are going to jerk your dick imaging that you were fucking my wet hungry pussy getting ready to fill me up with your seed, hoping to get me pregnant. I am going to rub on my pussy and you are going to stroke your cock and we are going to reminisce about all of the hot sex we had when you were trying to impregnate me! I am going to spread my pussy wide and beg you to fill me up with your potent seed, to fertilize my egg and to make me pregnant!

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Pregnant Mommy Teaches You to Masturbate


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Your sexy pregnant mother just got out of the shower and is applying lotion to her beautiful glowing pregnant body. Her door is cracked and you can’t help but peek through the open door and watch her rub the lotion in to her body… you are mesmerized, unable to remove your eyes from your mother’s pregnant body. You are fascinated by how big her breasts and belly have gotten… you are lost in her beauty…. until she suddenly notices you spying on her!

Honey! What are you doing?! Were you spying on mommy? Oh don’t run away baby, come back. I’m not mad, I promise. I was just a little surprised is all but I want you to come in and talk to mommy. Tell me honey, have you been spying on me… more than just this once? You have, haven’t you? Well, I understand. I do. I understand that my sweet son is obviously curious about his mom’s ever growing pregnant body and that is totally normal honey. Infact, I want you to stay in here while I finish applying my lotion and we can have a little “talk”.
You like my pregnant body, don’t you son? You like it a lot… I can tell. I can see from the tent in your pants that you are very excited right now… watching your pregnant mommy rub her beautiful body with lotion. You understand what is happening, right baby? Your penis is hard because you are very excited by your mommy and I want you to fully understand everything that is happening to you right now. Here, take some of my lotion in your hand and start rubbing it on your penis. Mommy is going to teach you how to masturbate your penis. Now don’t go too fast honey… you want to do this right so you can experience the true pleasure of masturbating. Slow down baby, don’t go so fast! I know you are excited but you must pace yourself…
You know what? I think you need mommy to help you. I can show you just how to do it because you obviously need a little help. Just come sit down infront of mommy and let me touch your penis. I am going to make you feel so good and I’ll show you exactly how you should touch yourself. You can look at your mom’s swollen breasts and big pregnant belly while I am stroking you. That’s right honey, just let mommy make you feel good and I am even going to make you have an amazing orgasm right on my pregnant belly!

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Mommy’s Asshole Will Make You Feel Better


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You can be in bed and invite me into your room. You notice I’m having a bad day, and I’m feeling anxious. You tell me everything’s ok and that “mommy can help me relax”. You begin to tease me with your body, showing me your sexy legs and toes in those open toe heels. You tell me to start to jerk off slowly for you. You’re saying it with a cute and encouraging tone in your voice and the look in your eyes show me that you’re getting turned on by it too.

You tell me what a good job I’m doing and that mommy is so proud of me. You tell me I’m your good boy and that I deserve to see more. You show me your breasts and ask if I like them. I tell you how beautiful you are mommy, and that you’re the prettiest lady I’ve ever seen, which makes you blush.

You tell me that your good boy deserves something more, something that mommy has been wanting to show me. You pull your panties off and show me your sweet little pussy and your yummy little asshole. You encourage me to lick and taste both. You tell me what a good job I’m doing and what a good boy I am for mommy. You tell me it’s ok to cum for mommy, you show me your asshole and give me some cute sweet moans as I’m about to explode for you. You keep telling me to cum for you and as I do you tell me “that’s it, what a good boy”.

The last thing you tell me is that “mommy is so proud of you” and that “mommy loves you”.

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Mommy Teaches You Stamina by Edging Your Cock


Hey honey, how did your date go? Oh no, what happened? Why do you look so down? Oh honey! You had sex… on the first date? You know you shouldn’t be having sex on the first date but…. well, why do you look sad about it? Usually a boy would be happy about having sex…. oh no! Honey! That’s horrible! You…. you prematurely…. ejaculated… right after you started? Oh my, that must have been terribly embarrassing! Oh honey, I’m so sorry… I know how upsetting that can be. Well, I don’t want you to worry about that any more. Mommy is going to fix you up really good. I know the perfect way to help you last longer so the next time you have sex this won’t happen again. You are going to have to drop your pants and…. well… I need you to masturbate for me son. I know it’s a bit awkward but this is just for educational purposes. I am going to play a stamina control game with you… this is like edging… and it will really help with your orgasm control. We are going to start out with 10 slow strokes, then 10 fast strokes, then 10 slow strokes and we will keep going and this is going to help you build up your stamina so you don’t finish too soon again. Trust me honey, mommy knows exactly what to do and this is definitely going to help you! Ok so let’s begin… you just need to drop your pants and grab your penis and follow mommy’s instructions.

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Camming with Your Horny Sister


You found out your sister was doing webcam shows last week and you haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. You have always been attracted to your sister and just knowing that she is flashing her pink pussy and big tits to random guys on the internet is really getting your cock hard. You decide to pop into her cam room and buy a private show from her… it’s not like she will ever find out! You enter her private show and OMG it is everything you thought it would be. Your sister is totally fucking hot. You ask her to roleplay a taboo sister fantasy for you. Your sister eagerly agrees and starts getting undressed for you. Things progress and it’s time to start the mutual masturbation but your sister really wants to see the face of the man she is camming with. Oh no! What should you do? Your cock is too hard to leave the show now… but she is persistent, she wants to see your face. You have no other option but to raise your cam and show your sister exactly who she is camming with. She totally freaks out when she sees the man jerking his dick on cam is actually her brother! She is totally disgusted but that only lasts for a moment before she realizes how horny she is and continues the show! You and your sister have the hottest cam to cam mutual masturbation session in the history of camshows and she has the biggest orgasm ever… all for you brother. Yeah, she totally wants your dick now.

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Jerk Your Cock for Mommy’s Sexy Ass


Hi sweetie! I was just folding up some laundry before I get started on dinner. Hmmm… mommy sure does have a lot of sexy panties, doesn’t she? Honey, will you help me pick out a pair of panties to wear tonight? I really need your opinion, you know it means so much to me! Just turn around and look the other way while I slip this pair on. So,…. what do you think? Do you like these? No? Well, let me try on this other pair. How about these? Do you like? Oh son, you most definitely like these! Don’t act like you don’t like what you see…. I can tell by that tent you are pitching in your pants! Why are you acting like you don’t like your mother’s body? You know you do…. that’s why you are still standing here, watching me change into these panties! Well, now you have a stiffy so we definitely have to take care of that before dinner. Hmmm…. I want you to drop your pants and touch yourself for mommy. Yes honey, it’s totally fine. I’ve been curious about it anyways. I see you in your bed at night touching yourself and now I want to see you do it right here infront of me. You need the practice anyways son… it will help you out when you get a girlfriend in the future! I’ll show you my sexy big booty while you are touching yourself… deal?

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