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Put Even More Babies In My Belly


Babe, I’m back. I hope you are ready for round #2 because I told you I was extremely horny today! I can’t believe how much bigger my belly has gotten from the last time we had sex and all of those babies you put in my belly. I am so huge and I am SO horny. I just have to have your cock inside of me again. I want my belly to grow even bigger… I want you to fill my pussy up with cum and put even more babies inside my belly. Go get on the bed babe, I want to fuck your brains out and you are going to empty your balls into my pussy and make my belly swell with even more of your babies inside of it!

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Put Babies in My Belly


Good morning babe. Mmm it looks like somebody is happy to see me… I’m happy to see it too. I have been so horny since you got me pregnant… my pregnancy hormones are just going crazy! Babe, it’s Sunday morning and it would be the perfect time to have some hot sex. Mmm yes babe, I want you to put even more babies in my belly. I want my pregnant belly to get bigger and bigger and the only way that is going to happen is it you cum in my pussy and put even more babies inside me. Let’s do it babe! I want you to fuck me hard and build up a huge load and creampie my pussy so my belly can get even bigger with more babies!

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Your Girlfriend’s Spontaneous Twin Pregnancy


You’ve been with your fitness freak girlfriend for years now and you’ve always wanted to have with her. You’ve brought up the subject several times in the past but have gotten shot down every time. She just doesn’t want , ever, she says. You decide to ask her one last time if she will please have your baby. You come into the bedroom and find her getting ready to work out… you ask the question again and she shoots you down again saying that she is NEVER going to have , ever! Feeling defeated but determined you leave and go and ponder what you can do to make her change her mind. Recently you purchased this experimental potion from the internet that is suppose to cause spontaneous pregnancy. You really didn’t think something like this would work but feeling desperate you are willing to try. You grab a bottle of water and pour a double dose of the potion into the water bottle and bring it to your girlfriend while she is working out. She thanks you and take a few big drinks. Suddenly a few moments later she doubles over in pain…. she says her stomach feels weird, it’s bubbling and gurgling and hurting really bad she says. She drops to the floor holding her stomach and much to yours and her surprise her belly suddenly expands! She has a huge pregnant belly… she must be 9 months pregnant and it looks as if she is going into labor! How can this be? Did the potion really work? There is no time to think about it… your girlfriend is in full labor, sweaty and panting and getting ready to push a baby out. She pushes and pushes and out comes the baby you’ve wanted for several years… but oh no! That double dose you gave her didn’t just impregnate her with one baby, it’s twins!

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