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What Happened to My Penis? : A Gender Transformation Story : Part 2


This takes place immediately after my first commissioned video. You are lying on the bed and are freaking out because you can feel your belly swelling even bigger. “Oh my God! What the fuck is happening? Shit, this hurts!” you say as you look at your larger belly. You check out your belly button and rub your belly for about a minute. Suck it in and push it out a few times.

“It is bigger…..and ewwwww, the baby is moving! Ah, this is so gross!” Take off the pants. Get up and inspect your bigger belly and boobs in the “mirror/camera”. “Oh my God. This really isn’t going to do. I need my gym time, but I can’t go looking like this….all girly and pregnant! I need my muscles and dick back.” Do a few muscle poses again. “Damn, this body just isn’t working. Even if I can muscle up, I’m still going to be a pregnant woman. I need my dick back.”

Grab the mirror to check out your vagina again.”Damn! I didn’t know pussies got bigger! Fucking thing is swelling right up.” Start doing a little camera play. Feel up your breasts. Start trying to do some sexy poses. Do some “duck lips” for the camera. Try on the shirt again from the previous video, but you don’t have to try to button it. “Shit, if I weren’t preggo, I’d do this body. Hell, I’m sexy pregnant. I’d do me pregnant too. Oh, God this is so weird. Could I let a guy do me?”

Start to finger yourself again. “Shit, this feels good!” Do this for a minute as you stand. Suddenly, you get the growing feeling again. Grab your belly and freak out as you feel your belly once again begin to grow bigger again!

To be continued…

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: An erotic gender transformation video like no other! Imagine waking up to find out that your penis is missing and you are now a pregnant woman with a big pregnant belly and huge milky titties… but no penis! You totally freak out when you big pregnant belly starts growing even bigger and bigger in this sexy erotic pregnant gender transformation fetish clip!

Swapping Bodies with My Hot Mom!


You’ve always been a curious boy… probably too curious for your own good. You’ve been having dreams lately of what it would be like if you could swap bodies with a girl… a hot girl… a girl like your mother! You’ve dreamed about it almost every night. One day you happen upon a curious little shop with lots of weird things for sale. You notice a curious box with magical chocolates… chocolates that promise to let you swap bodies with whomever eats them. You are sure they won’t actually work but you just have to try. You purchase them and bring them home as a gift for your mother….

Oh honey! You bought me chocolates? Thank you! These are SO expensive, what’s the special occasion? Oh well, I’m just so happy to receive something so special from you! Which one should I try? Mmmmm how about… this one? Oh honey…. mmmm… that was so absolutely devine. I’ve never tasted anything so good…. so… magical in my entire life! Thank you so much sweety…. but mommy is so tired. I need to get to bed, I’ll see you in the morning, ok?

The magical chocolates took effect somewhere around midnight… it is now the next morning.

No way! Did they really work? They must have… I have long hair and big tits… oh my god! I must be in my mother’s body! They did work, I swapped bodies with my mom! Oh this is just too cool! What should I do? Well, I’m definitely going to check this awesome body out… I’ve always wondered what it was like to be a woman.

Oh these tits! Look at them! They are so big and squishy… my mom has some tits! Hmmm… I wonder if I should…. well, should I check out what it’s like to have a… pussy? No… I don’t think I should… I mean, touching my mom’s pussy… she would be so pissed! But she won’t find out so I’m going to go for it. Ohhhhhh wow…. this thing feels incredible! It’s so wet! It feels so good to touch it like this…. that’s it, I’ve decided… I’m going all out since I finally got my wish. I am totally masturbating in my mom’s body. I just have to know what it’s like to have an orgasm as a woman!

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: A gender transformation taboo clip like no other! You’ve always been curious about what it would be like to swap bodies with a hot girl… a girl like your mother! Imagine your excitement when you stumble across some magically body swapping chocolates. You bring them home to your mother and she eagerly eats one. Later that night the magic took effect when you both went to sleep. You woke up the next morning completely shocked to find yourself in your mother’s incredibly sexy pregnant body! You can’t wait to explore it… squeezing her big luscious titties and finger banging her wet pussy until you have the most intense orgasm ever as a woman. Don’t miss this incredibly erotic gender transformation body swapping taboo masturbation clip!

What Happened to My Penis? : A Gender Transformation Story


This is a custom commissioned video (no personal names are used), email me to order yours!

You wake up completely covered by a blanket. You realize something is different when you notice how long your hair has become. “What the fuck?”, you say as you run your hands through your hair. Now you are startled by the distinct feminine voice that came out of your mouth. You look at your small feminine hands and let out another “What the fuck?”. You slowly pull down your blanket to find that you now have breasts. You completely freak out seeing these massive breasts on your once masculine body.

You quickly get out of bed and notice that you are now in the body of a very pregnant woman. You are wearing the panties and hose. Then it strikes you that you are probably missing the most important part of you, your penis. You slip your hand down your panties for a quick check. You are REALLY freaking out! Your penis is gone and it has been replaced by a vagina! You slip out of the panties. You move toward the camera which will act as the ” mirror” that you are playing to. You attempt to look at your pussy, but you can’t see it because of your belly. You grab a hand mirror for a better view. You are really upset about missing your penis.

You start talking to yourself about your situation. What are the guys at the gym going to think? They’ll probably just think of me as another hot chick…a pregnant hot chick. Then become disgusted when you remember one of your gym buddies has a pregnancy fetish. Comment about your size change. How suddenly everything seems so much bigger to you. Flex your biceps. Try a couple power poses. Then get upset that all your gym work has been for nothing. Your six pack is totally gone. Stand sideways and try to suck in your belly to see if you can hide it. Feel up your new body. Check out your pussy with your fingers, check out your belly button and really check out your boobs.

You suddenly realize you really need to pee. You go to the bathroom and put the toilet lid up and start to pee like a man. After a few seconds of “fishing” for your penis, you realize that standing just doesn’t work now. You reluctantly sit to take a piss. You finish using the bathroom like a woman, much to your reluctancy and return to your room.

You realize that you need some help. You need to talk to your girlfriend. You wonder if she is even going to believe this crazy story! You talk to yourself trying to figure out what to say to her. You say things like: I hope she wants , because I’m definitely preggers. The is kicking like crazy. I bet I’m smaller than my girlfriend. She’s probably got 6 inches on me now. I wish her tits were as big as mine. I’m definitely curvier than her.

You realize you need to get dressed to leave to get her. Leave the hose on. You remember she left some clothes you could try to get into. First try to squeeze into to tight jeans. Try sucking in your belly a few times to get into them. Seeing as they don’t quite fit, try to cover up with a too tight button up shirt. Give up. Take them off. Try to get into the blue yoga pants. Lay on the bed to try to help get them on. As you struggle, you find your fingers going to your pussy. You start with some gentle stroking until you find your clit. Wow!!!! That’s a new sensation. Comment on the strange new feelings. Start to finger fuck yourself. Before you get too far into it, you realize something is happening. You feel as if you belly is swelling larger.To be continued…..

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: An erotic tell of a man that was transformed into a pregnant woman. You wake up shocked to discover that you have long brown hair, a pussy and a pregnant belly! You are totally freaked out wondering where your penis went and why you are stuck in such a feminine body! Your belly is huge and pregnant, you are lacking a penis and now you can’t get your gym time in! You start exploring your new womanly body only to find out how amazing it feels to finger your new pussy. You lie on the bed and get to town finger banging yourself when suddenly your pregnant belly starts growing again…!

Merry Christmas Mom, I’m a Girl Now!


Merry Christmas mom! It’s been a long few months since I’ve last seen you and since you sent me that potion that turned me into a girl so I wanted to send you a little video update for Christmas. I’m going to be coming home for Christmas this year and I don’t think anybody believes that I am actually a girl but they are going to find out very soon! It’s almost impossible to believe that my own mother turned her handsome son into… well, a sexy woman! But you did mom, you did, and now you are going to see me in my new body for the first time. Mom, I have a couple of things I need to tell you before I see you. First, I know I said I would never date men after you turned me into a girl and I told you I would be lesbian… well mom, I lied. I actually turned into a huge slut. I love dick mom! I take dick every night… even multiple dicks a night! Mom, the second thing I need to tell you is… all of those dicks I’ve been taking… well, I got pregnant! That’s right mom, your new daughter is pregnant and going to give you a grand baby. Now I have proof that I’ve had dick inside of me and everybody is going to freak! I’ve been such a slut… I love taking dick and I’m never going to stop! Oh and mom, I’m also a camgirl. I couldn’t keep my job as a man so I started pimping my new sexy booty out online. Men love paying for my sexy new girl body! I hope you are happy mom, you did this to me after all!

You’ll enjoy this video if you like: A gender transformation story of getting back at your bitch mother for transforming you into a girl. You turned into a pregnant woman who pimps her own ass out online and engages in lots of random sex with men.