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Your Step Mother’s Feet Make You Take Your Last Breath


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You are my stepmother and you married my father for his money because he was a billionaire. We all knew he had an weak heart and one day it just stopped overnight and he never woke up again. You were over joyed at this untimely passing and couldn’t wait for the will to be read. When the day finally came you heard the worst news of your life… In his last will and testament it says that all the money goes to his only surviving son. There was a stipulation, ofcourse, that in the event of his son’s untimely passing the money shall then be transferred to his young wife, Kristi. You are angry that he would leave his fortune to his worthless son so you put a plan together into k*ll your step son. You searched and searched and came up with the perfect solution… an untraceable ending for your step son. You bought a pill on the black market. This pill causes an heart attack when someone gets too “excited” and it also paralyses nearly the whole body as one of it’s side effects. Now you just have to put your plan into action….

My dear step son, why are you looking so down tonight? Are you still upset over your father’s ? Oh honey, it’s time to let him go… he would want you to be happy and not grieving. Here, let step mother help you feel better. Come sit down with me and have a drink, a little alcohol always makes things better! I’ve even give you one of my pills… oh don’t worry, this just mellows you out and really helps you relax. I take them every night, they are totally safe. I’ll just drop it right here into your drink… now go ahead, that’s it, drink the whole cup down. Good boy… are you feeling…. relaxed now? Good, good. That’s it, just close your eyes….

I see you are awake now… and I’m sure you are wondering why you feel so weird! You are realizing that you are paralized, you cannot move! Don’t worry, this is just a side effect of that pill I gave you. The one that was suppose to help you relax… except, that wasn’t what it was for. That was actually a drug that causes sudden and complete heart failure if you get too excited. I’m sure you are thinking that it would be impossible for you to get excited in the condition that you are currently in but trust me step son, your devious step mother has that all figured out. One part of you that is not paralized is your cock and I know just how much you have always lusted over my pretty feet. I’ve seen the way you stare at my feet when your father wasn’t around… I know all too well exactly what my beautiful feet do to you… and today, my feet are going to lead to your demise. My feet wrapped around your cock will be the last thing you ever feel… and they will be the cause of the last breath you ever take. Don’t worry, I’ll get immense joy out of spending every last dollar of your inheritance!

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Your wicked step mother will do anything to secure your inheritance… including taking you out! Your father passed and now you are the only thing left between her and the money and she is not happy about it. She tricks you into taking a powerful black market drug one night and proceeds to give you the foot fucking of your life… that will also end your life. Sexy executrix taboo clip!

Three Little Men Will Meet Their Fate Trapped Under a Giantess’s Socks


This is a custom commissioned video (no personal names are used), email me to order yours!

Three little men have found there way into a Giantess’s house and somehow they have found themselves trapped on three pieces of tape laying on the floor! Oh no, they are completely helpless and here comes the sock wearing Giantess, oblivious to the fact that she has tiny little prisoners lying helpless on the floor. She is talking on the phone and unknowingly she steps on each of the little men making them stuck to the bottom of her white socks. She sits down to continue her phone conversation when she becomes aware of the one of the little men stuck to her sock. She quickly hangs the phone up to better inspect the treasure affixed to the bottom of her foot.

The sinister Giantess becomes overjoyed with the fact that she has a new play thing and she pulls the tape off freeing the little man from her foot. She quickly decides that this little man will meet his fate in her Giantess pussy. She pulls her pants down and lets her ravenous pussy devour the little man. After this, she discovers the next little man stuck to her sock.

This little man will meet a fate far more cruel than the last. The Giantess decides that she needs a yummy snack and drops the little man into her mouth, swallowing him whole and letting her stomach acids to the rest. Now the Giantess becomes aware of the final little man on her foot.

This little man will not be disposed of so quickly like his friends were. She grabs the little man, pulls her sock open, and drops him inside of her sweaty sock. She laughs knowing that this little man will be slowly crushed under the weight of her Giantess foot for as long as she chooses to leave him there. She slides her boot on and gets ready to leave, enjoying the fact that she has a tiny little man trapped in her boot.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: An erotic tell of a Giantess that finds 3 tiny shrunken men trapped to her socks with tape. She discovers the little men and is immediately so excited because her boring night home alone just turned in to something more. She takes the first little man and makes him be swallowed whole by her sexy wet Giantess pussy. The second little man gets swallowed whole and alive into her Giantess belly and the third little man meets his fate in her sweaty stinky Giantess sock!

Your Lonely Aunt Needs a Foot Massage and a Good Fucking


This is a custom commissioned video (no personal names are used), email me to order yours!

Your sexy aunt recently got in to an argument with your uncle and now she is staying all alone in her big empty house. You came over to check on her and could tell that she was lonely and wanted some company so you decided to stay for a while. You have always had a thing for her sexy feet and watching her dangle those black flip flops is just about more than you can handle… you catch your eyes gravitating towards her sexy feet and soon you are mesmerized and unable to look away….

So… do you have any plans for this weekend, nephew? Well… I ask because I really don’t want to stay in this big house all by myself. There is just something about being way out here in the woods in a big empty house that kind of freaks me out. I sure would feel much better if I had someone here staying with me until your uncle got home in a few days. So…. do you think you could? It would just be for a couple of nights. I have plenty of food and booze here and I could really use the company…. Oh you will? That’s wonderful, thank you so much! I feel so much better now having you stay with me! We should watch some movies or something but first I really need to take a nap… I am just SO tired! I’m going to go lie down for a couple of hours, help yourself to anything in the fridge, ok?

Oh my god, what are you doing?! Were you just…. touching my feet… while I was sleeping?! Oh how could you? I invited you to stay with me… not to be all pervy and play with my feet when I am sleeping! Ugh… I should be really mad right now but honestly… it’s hard for me to be mad at you because I’ve always known you’ve had a thing for my feet. I mean, it’s kind of hard not to notice when you are constantly staring at my feet! Nephew… I know you like my feet and I really like foot massages so…. would you like to give me one? My sore feet could really use a good rubbing… what do you think? Oh good, here go ahead and rub them! Mmmmm… oh yes…. that feels amazing…

Oh that feels so good…. Nephew, you have made your auntie’s feet feel so amazing. I want to return the favor. You obviously love my feet and I can see that huge bulge in your pants so how would you like it if I give you a footjob? You would like that, wouldn’t you? Having your sexy Aunt’s feet rubbing your hard cock… go ahead and pull it out. I am going to give you the best foot job you will ever have! Mmmmm yes, look at that hard cock. It’s so hard for me, isn’t it? Rubbing your hard stiff cock has really made my pussy so wet. I want you to fuck me nephew. I do, I want to you fuck your Aunt so good. Come over here and slide your cock in my pussy and fuck me while you suck on my toes! Auntie needs a good fucking and your uncle won’t be home for days!

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Getting the foot fucking experience of your life from your sexy Aunt with the gorgeously erotic feet. You are staying at your Aunt’s for the weekend and you’ve always had a thing for her sexy feet and painted toes. She wait until she is sleeping and you sneak into her room and play with her feet. She wakes up startled and pissed but she understands that you are just a boy with a raging erection. Your Aunt agrees to fuck your cock with her feet and after she is done she lets you fuck her tight MILF pussy. Incest sex is definitely best between Aunt and Nephew!

Giving Your Aunt a Foot Massage Turned into the Best Fuck of Your Life!

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Whew that was such a long day of cleaning! Thank you so much for helping me, nephew. I’m so glad you were here, it would have taken me all week to get this place cleaned up! Oh but my poor feet are so tired and aching… I could really use a foot massage… Nephew, do you think you could give your sweet Auntie a good foot massage? You will?? Oh thank you! Here, start with this foot first. Mmmmm yes, that’s good. Let’s switch to the other foot now…. Hey! Did you just put my foot on your…. erection?! You did! You totally have an erection right now… is this what you like? You like feet…. your aunt’s feet? Well, I guess it isn’t such a big deal… go ahead and keep rubbing my feet, your fingers are magical! Mmmm yes…. oh my god, are you licking my foot now? Ummm… I don’t know if…. oh wow, that feels incredible! I never thought a tongue on my feet could feel so good! Oh nephew… you made me feel so amazing today, I really want to return the favor. Auntie wants to make you feel amazing too. Here, just lay back and let me work my magical feet on your cock. Oh yes baby, you love that, don’t you? Auntie is going to make you cum on her feet then you can make your horny Aunt cum with your cock! Let’s not tell your mother about this though… and maybe she will drop you off again to help me with…. some cleaning…. next week!

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: You and your sexy Aunt has been cleaning her house all day. You are finally done and your Aunt playfully tells you that she needs a foot massage for her poor tired feet. You eagerly take her up on the offer because you’ve secretly had a thing for your Aunt’s feet for years. You are rubbing her sexy feet and you just can’t help but stick your tongue out and taste those sexy erotic feet. Your Aunt totally freaks but it doesn’t take her long to come around and start sucking on your cock, giving you a sexy foot job with her painted toes and eventually letting you fuck her tight pussy with your hard cock. Incest sex is definitely best!

The Million Dollar Bet


This is a custom commissioned video (no personal names are used), email me to order yours!

Ive made a bet for a million dollars but in order to win I must be celibate for 40 days. No masturbating, no sex… So now it’s day 39 and I told a friend of mine to tie me to my bed for the last day, because I cant stand it anymore and I don’t want to be tempted in the last 24 hours. I’m tied to my bed and I’m sleeping with only 20 minutes left before I win the bet and the money. But then, my hot Aunt that I’ve always had feelings for enters the room, I wake up and see you and I’m shocked because I always have the hots for you and you have known that all the years but kept it in secret. You say that you heard about that bet that I made and you start asking me about hard it’s been to not masturbate or have sex… to not have orgasmed at all in the past 40 days. You become very seductive and start teasing me saying wouldn’t it be such a shame if I lost that bet just minutes before the deadline and that my own aunt makes me lose that bet. You know I have a big foot fetish and I have always liked looking at my aunties feet. You tease me with your hot body getting undressed and pulling off your stockings and you start rubbing your beautiful feet on my cock. I’m tied up and try to resist but it is going to be near impossible not to cum for my Aunt’s feet. When you see the foot job isn’t working fast enough, you decide to slide my cock into your pussy and ride the million dollars out of me. Auntie always win, after all.

Customer review: “Thank you for the video! It was just fucking awesome! I don’t have any other words to describe it, it was just what I wanted!Thank you so much again, you are amazing.”

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Your hot Aunt finds out about the bet you made to stay celibate for a million dollars. Your Aunt really wants that money and is determined to make sure that you don’t win it. She sneaks into your room and starts giving you an amazing footjob. When that doesn’t work fast enough your sexy Aunt slides your cock into her pussy and fucks the million dollars out of you! Auntie always wins!

Rewarding My Son with My Extra Stinky Feet


Custom commissioned video:

You are going to reward your son for being very helpful lately with your stinky feet. Knowing that her son loves her feet and especially when they’re really sweaty and stinky mommy hasn’t even taken her shoes off when going to bed for the past few nights, making sure that the nasty cheesy foot stink her boy loves so much has matured between her warm sweaty toes into the nastiest most pungent stench possible.
It’d be great if the video spent a while teasing and building up. Mommy teasing her special boy about how she’s been letting her nasty stinking sweat mature between her toes all week. Explaining that she hasn’t showered or even cut or painted her toenails, all to help let that ripe stench build up between her toes and mature into the strongest, nastiest cheesiest foot stink possible for her curious little boy. Making her boy beg her to take her stinky old shoes off to get his special smelly treat. She teases her son as she finally takes her shoes off telling him, not to be shy, that mommy knows how much her little boy loves the way her feet stink. Encouraging her boy to breath in that strong hot cheesy stench deeply. Telling him to smell every inch of her reeking feet, from the tops of her toes, her soles, under her nails and between her sweaty toes. Encouraging her boy to kiss her stinky feet and say thank you and that he’s a very lucky boy to have a mommy who’ll indulge his obsession with her nasty foot stink.
Once mommy has ordered her boy to press his face and nose against every inch of her stinking feet as he sniffs and worships them, the stench wafting up from between her toes and under her nails starts to get so strong it disgusts her. Complaining that they really do stink, don’t they?
Finally telling her boy that he better have enjoyed his treat because she can’t leave them to stink this badly. Mommy explains that to thank her for his special treat her foot sniffing little mummy’s boy is going to have to lick and suck the stench from between her toes and under her nails. She tells her boy that he should be excited to get to find out exactly what that nasty cheesy stench tastes like. Sneering mommy teases that they stink so fucking bad he’s going to be licking and sucking for hours.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Being rewarded by your hot mom with her stinky cheesy smelling feet straight out of her sweaty work boots. She lets you lick and smell her cheesy feet for being such a good boy lately! You love your mom’s sexy feet, don’t you?