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Cum for Your Aunt’s Pantyhose


Hello nephew. I know what you have been doing while you stay with me for the weekend. You don’t even have to lie about it, I already found out. I looked through your backpack when you were gone and I found my worn pantyhose in them. Would you like to tell me why you’ve been stealing auntie’s pantyhose? No? Well, I’ll tell you what I think… I think you’ve been stealing my dirty worn hose so you can touch yourself with them… am I right? Yes, I know I am.

Don’t worry honey, you are not in trouble and I am not going to tell your mother. See, your aunt is a very open minded woman and I fully understand that it is totally natural for a boy like yourself to have special feelings for his older female relatives. There is nothing wrong with it… infact, I want you to touch yourself right now infront of your auntie while I touch myself through my sexy pantyhose. That’s it sweetie, go ahead, let’s touch ourselves at the same time and see what happens. I’m sure it will feel really good and maybe this will dissuade you from stealing my pantyhose again.

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Your Lonely Aunt Needs a Foot Massage and a Good Fucking


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Your sexy aunt recently got in to an argument with your uncle and now she is staying all alone in her big empty house. You came over to check on her and could tell that she was lonely and wanted some company so you decided to stay for a while. You have always had a thing for her sexy feet and watching her dangle those black flip flops is just about more than you can handle… you catch your eyes gravitating towards her sexy feet and soon you are mesmerized and unable to look away….

So… do you have any plans for this weekend, nephew? Well… I ask because I really don’t want to stay in this big house all by myself. There is just something about being way out here in the woods in a big empty house that kind of freaks me out. I sure would feel much better if I had someone here staying with me until your uncle got home in a few days. So…. do you think you could? It would just be for a couple of nights. I have plenty of food and booze here and I could really use the company…. Oh you will? That’s wonderful, thank you so much! I feel so much better now having you stay with me! We should watch some movies or something but first I really need to take a nap… I am just SO tired! I’m going to go lie down for a couple of hours, help yourself to anything in the fridge, ok?

Oh my god, what are you doing?! Were you just…. touching my feet… while I was sleeping?! Oh how could you? I invited you to stay with me… not to be all pervy and play with my feet when I am sleeping! Ugh… I should be really mad right now but honestly… it’s hard for me to be mad at you because I’ve always known you’ve had a thing for my feet. I mean, it’s kind of hard not to notice when you are constantly staring at my feet! Nephew… I know you like my feet and I really like foot massages so…. would you like to give me one? My sore feet could really use a good rubbing… what do you think? Oh good, here go ahead and rub them! Mmmmm… oh yes…. that feels amazing…

Oh that feels so good…. Nephew, you have made your auntie’s feet feel so amazing. I want to return the favor. You obviously love my feet and I can see that huge bulge in your pants so how would you like it if I give you a footjob? You would like that, wouldn’t you? Having your sexy Aunt’s feet rubbing your hard cock… go ahead and pull it out. I am going to give you the best foot job you will ever have! Mmmmm yes, look at that hard cock. It’s so hard for me, isn’t it? Rubbing your hard stiff cock has really made my pussy so wet. I want you to fuck me nephew. I do, I want to you fuck your Aunt so good. Come over here and slide your cock in my pussy and fuck me while you suck on my toes! Auntie needs a good fucking and your uncle won’t be home for days!

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Giving Your Aunt a Foot Massage Turned into the Best Fuck of Your Life!

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Whew that was such a long day of cleaning! Thank you so much for helping me, nephew. I’m so glad you were here, it would have taken me all week to get this place cleaned up! Oh but my poor feet are so tired and aching… I could really use a foot massage… Nephew, do you think you could give your sweet Auntie a good foot massage? You will?? Oh thank you! Here, start with this foot first. Mmmmm yes, that’s good. Let’s switch to the other foot now…. Hey! Did you just put my foot on your…. erection?! You did! You totally have an erection right now… is this what you like? You like feet…. your aunt’s feet? Well, I guess it isn’t such a big deal… go ahead and keep rubbing my feet, your fingers are magical! Mmmm yes…. oh my god, are you licking my foot now? Ummm… I don’t know if…. oh wow, that feels incredible! I never thought a tongue on my feet could feel so good! Oh nephew… you made me feel so amazing today, I really want to return the favor. Auntie wants to make you feel amazing too. Here, just lay back and let me work my magical feet on your cock. Oh yes baby, you love that, don’t you? Auntie is going to make you cum on her feet then you can make your horny Aunt cum with your cock! Let’s not tell your mother about this though… and maybe she will drop you off again to help me with…. some cleaning…. next week!

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The Million Dollar Bet


This is a custom commissioned video (no personal names are used), email me to order yours!

Ive made a bet for a million dollars but in order to win I must be celibate for 40 days. No masturbating, no sex… So now it’s day 39 and I told a friend of mine to tie me to my bed for the last day, because I cant stand it anymore and I don’t want to be tempted in the last 24 hours. I’m tied to my bed and I’m sleeping with only 20 minutes left before I win the bet and the money. But then, my hot Aunt that I’ve always had feelings for enters the room, I wake up and see you and I’m shocked because I always have the hots for you and you have known that all the years but kept it in secret. You say that you heard about that bet that I made and you start asking me about hard it’s been to not masturbate or have sex… to not have orgasmed at all in the past 40 days. You become very seductive and start teasing me saying wouldn’t it be such a shame if I lost that bet just minutes before the deadline and that my own aunt makes me lose that bet. You know I have a big foot fetish and I have always liked looking at my aunties feet. You tease me with your hot body getting undressed and pulling off your stockings and you start rubbing your beautiful feet on my cock. I’m tied up and try to resist but it is going to be near impossible not to cum for my Aunt’s feet. When you see the foot job isn’t working fast enough, you decide to slide my cock into your pussy and ride the million dollars out of me. Auntie always win, after all.

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Smoking Nurse Teaches Niece How to Smoke


This is a custom made video (no personal names are used in this video), email me to order yours!
Your niece, your younger sisters daughter, is visiting you for a couple of weeks at your house. You havent seen her since she was little, and now shes 18 years old.
After she arrives, you are catching up in your living room. At some point, you ask if she minds if you smoke. She says no, and you ask if shed like a cigarette. She says she doesnt smoke, and you are quite surprised. In your opinion, pretty young girls should always learn how to smoke. Smoking, for you, is a sign of maturity. What you know and a lot of people dont is that nearly all professional women do smoke, especially nurses like you, and your niece wants to be a nurse.
You tell your niece that for nurses, smoking is a necessity. Its one of the few ways they have to reduce stress. You tell her that new nurses who start out as non-smokers always end up smoking.
Your niece asks why, since its bad for your health. You say that since nurses are quite aware of this, they cant take steps to mitigate the negatives, like eating well and exercising.
Then you ask if shed like you to teach her to smoke. If you start now, by the end of her two weeks, shell be a comfortable heavy smoker, which will make it a lot easier for her to cope in nursing school and beyond. You also point out that although nothing is ever acknowledged officially, all the nursing instructors she meets will be smokers, and that they treat their smoking students better than the non-smoking ones.

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