Rewarding My Son with My Extra Stinky Feet


Custom commissioned video:

You are going to reward your son for being very helpful lately with your stinky feet. Knowing that her son loves her feet and especially when they’re really sweaty and stinky mommy hasn’t even taken her shoes off when going to bed for the past few nights, making sure that the nasty cheesy foot stink her boy loves so much has matured between her warm sweaty toes into the nastiest most pungent stench possible.
It’d be great if the video spent a while teasing and building up. Mommy teasing her special boy about how she’s been letting her nasty stinking sweat mature between her toes all week. Explaining that she hasn’t showered or even cut or painted her toenails, all to help let that ripe stench build up between her toes and mature into the strongest, nastiest cheesiest foot stink possible for her curious little boy. Making her boy beg her to take her stinky old shoes off to get his special smelly treat. She teases her son as she finally takes her shoes off telling him, not to be shy, that mommy knows how much her little boy loves the way her feet stink. Encouraging her boy to breath in that strong hot cheesy stench deeply. Telling him to smell every inch of her reeking feet, from the tops of her toes, her soles, under her nails and between her sweaty toes. Encouraging her boy to kiss her stinky feet and say thank you and that he’s a very lucky boy to have a mommy who’ll indulge his obsession with her nasty foot stink.
Once mommy has ordered her boy to press his face and nose against every inch of her stinking feet as he sniffs and worships them, the stench wafting up from between her toes and under her nails starts to get so strong it disgusts her. Complaining that they really do stink, don’t they?
Finally telling her boy that he better have enjoyed his treat because she can’t leave them to stink this badly. Mommy explains that to thank her for his special treat her foot sniffing little mummy’s boy is going to have to lick and suck the stench from between her toes and under her nails. She tells her boy that he should be excited to get to find out exactly what that nasty cheesy stench tastes like. Sneering mommy teases that they stink so fucking bad he’s going to be licking and sucking for hours.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Being rewarded by your hot mom with her stinky cheesy smelling feet straight out of her sweaty work boots. She lets you lick and smell her cheesy feet for being such a good boy lately! You love your mom’s sexy feet, don’t you?

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