Mommy’s Panty Punishment for Bad Boys


Kristi is normally a very relaxed mother but there are some things she just doesn’t tolerate… at all! One of the is her pervy son stealing her dirty worn panties. This absolutely infuriates her as he has been warned several times and still hasn’t stopped.

Today as she was getting ready for bed, she found another pair of soiled underwear that her son had taken… again! She storms off to confront him and when she finds him, all hell breaks lose. She shows him the soiled panties and tells him that he is to be severely punished today… a punishment like no other he’s ever had before.

She drops her robe, lies on the bed and begins to stuff her already dirty panties in to her pussy. Once they are inside, she demands her son smell the dirty panties right inside her pussy. Not satisfied with that, Kristi then demands that her son lick her dirty asshole while she rubs her pussy until she cums all over the panties in her pussy.

This is the worst punishment of all, she thinks, having to lick his own mother’s dirty asshole while she pleasures herself. But she isn’t done yet, once she is finished masturbating, she strings the cummed up panties between her toes and demands her son lick mommy’s pussy cum directly from the panties.

Yes, this should definitely “fix” him once and for all, she smuggly thinks as she is shoving her dirty panties into her son’s mouth. There couldn’t possibly be anything worse than being degraded while forced to clean your mother’s dirty asshole and panties.

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