Mommy’s Gloved Milking Session


Honey… are you still awake? You better be… you know what we have to do tonight. Well, I know you are tired but bedtime is just going to have to wait. You know what happened the last time we missed our nightly milking session and I don’t want to go through that again.

After all, you know mommy loves wearing her favorite latex gloves while milking you. You are such a lucky boy that mommy uses gloves on you! It feels so amazing to have mommy’s gloved hand stroking up and down your cock milking all of that built up cum out.

And you know you always feel much better and rest much better, too. Sweetie, you just get way too backed up to miss one of mommy’s nightly milking sessions! Here… let me start stroking you and before you know it, you’ll be cumming all over mommy’s gloved hands!

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