Mommy Issues


Hello. Welcome to your first therapy session with Dr. Kristi.

According to your initial paperwork, it looks like you are having mommy issues… is that correct? I see. Can you explain to me exactly what these mommy issues are?

Mmm… yes, I can see how that can be frustrating. To have these feelings of lust and desire for your mother can definitely be very confusing for anybody. It is perfectly normal though, you have to realize that these feelings are completely normal for a son to feel towards his mother.

I do have a way of helping you with these feelings. This is a special kind of therapy… you would need to completely relax and listen to my voice. You would touch yourself while I described a naughty fantasy between you and your mother. As I am speaking, you are to listen to my voice and imagine my words… let them come to life in your head.

Yes… that’s right. Close your eyes and imagine that your deepest naughtiest desires are coming to life. Your sexy mother… on the bed in her lingerie… begging you to drop your pants and fuck her… her pussy is incredible… you’ve never felt anything like this before!

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