Guys Night Turned Wrong – A Giantess Experience


Kristi’s boyfriend was having a guy’s night at her house. He sent her out to the store for more beer and snacks. When she arrived back home, everybody was gone!

She called out to her boyfriend with no answer in return… she briefly looked around for him but she couldn’t find him or his friends. How weird, she thought. Where could they have possibly went in the short amount of time that she was gone?

Kristi sits down and pulls her sneakers off. She stretches her white cotton sock covered feet and rests them on the floor. She feels…. something…. under her foot. She lifts her foot and sees a speck! She bends over and takes a closer look only to see her boyfriend and his friends have been shrunken down to tiny little men!

She picks her boyfriend and his friend up and stares at them curiously. Hmmm… she says, how exciting that you guys have been shrunken so small! I’ve always wanted to know what a tiny little man tastes like! She pops the friend into her mount, savoring the taste. He tastes so good she just can’t help but swallow him whole!

Her boyfriend is alarmed but she reassures him that she would never swallow her boyfriend. She sets him down on the floor and begins looking for the third friend. Kristi searches high and low but she fails to find the tiny little man. Her boyfriend, however, did find his friend unfortunately stuck to a piece of tape on the floor. His fate is sealed when Kristi inadvertently steps on his, gluing him to the bottom of her white cotton sock.

Kristi gives up the search for the third little man and picks up her boyfriend. She is a total freak sexually and gets the great idea of having her tiny little boyfriend pleasure her wet pussy. She sticks his small body in her pussy and grabs a big dildo. She tells her boyfriend that he is going to pleasure her from the inside!

She fucks her pussy until she cums and when she tries to retrieve her shrunken boyfriend, she discovers that he is just too deep inside of her and she can’t reach him. Oh well, she says, you can just live in my pussy forever!

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