Giantess Mommy Shrunk You in Breast Milk


A sexy lactating Giantess mom shrinks her son and disposes of him in her delicious breast milk… Your mom has recently had a baby and her time is valuable. She asks you for help over and over and you are just a lazy son. Your sexy mother is tired of your crap and intends to get rid of you in the worse way possible. Your hot mom is actually a giantess with shrinking powers… she shrinks you down to a tiny shrunken person and drops you in an empty glass… but it doesn’t stay empty for long! Your sexy lactating mother starts pumping her nipples and gets her breast milk flowing. Soon the glass is filling higher and higher with your mommy’s warm titty milk. It isn’t long before you are drowning in breast milk and just to be sure that she never has to deal with you again, your kinky mom swallows you and her breastmilk in this erotic transformation giantess lactation taboo video.

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