Breakfast in Bed – A Vore Adventure


Oh… good morning. I see you are awake now. You sure did rest good last night… not like you deserved it or anything. No, actually last night was not good for me. It was the most horrendous one night stand I’ve ever had. I thought I would be getting more than 2 pumps and a squirt but I don’t even think I got that.

Wow, you are just barely realizing that you are… different? So perceptive are we? Yes, that’s right. I shrunk you down to a tiny little worthless man after that worthless sex last night. Never again will a woman have to waste her time on you like I did.

All I wanted was some good dick but alas, you did not give it to me. The only other thing you can do for me now is give me breakfast in bed. No… no… I don’t want you to cook anything for me. You’d fuck that up too.

See… YOU are going to be my breakfast in bed. You did not satisfy me last night but you will be a very satisfying meal this morning… and you’ll be an even more satisfying later today.

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