Ass Punishment From Your Cheerleader Step-Sister

You are a curious boy and you have a smoking hot cheerleader step-sister so obviously you are totally going to be in to her… especially her sexy tight body. She is such a bitch so it makes you want it even more…

You simply cannot stand the tease any longer. You find your parent’s old camcorder and stash it in your step-sister’s room. You know she has practice tonight so she will be undressing… just what you’ve been waiting to see. You go chill in your room and the wait begins until you can retrieve that precious video…

Everything is going perfectly to plan until you hear a scream… uh oh… now you hear angry footsteps down the hallway and suddenly your step-sister stomps into your room with the not so hidden camcorder in her hands.

You are SO busted and there is proof this time, your step-sister says. You are at her total mercy and today probably wasn’t the best day to spy on her. You are scared… you don’t want your parents to find out that you are a total perv… they would never trust you again!

Much to your surprise… or maybe to your horror… your step-sister says she isn’t going to rat you out! Infact, she says that nobody ever has to know what you did. This is great news for you until you hear the rest…

Nobody ever has to find out what you did IF you do everything your bratty step-sister says to do… that doesn’t sound so bad… I mean, how bad could it possibly be?

You didn’t realize just how bad it really could be until she turned around, bent over, and peeled her thongs off and told you to dive in!

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