All You Need is Your Mother


You’ve came to your hot mother’s house late at night to spend the night with her… the last night you will likely ever spend with her. You are getting married and leaving the country and your mother is not taking it well at all. She expresses her concerns with you while being intimately close to you on the bed. She continues to tell you why you should stay and you are becoming increasingly more agreeable to her suggestions. You aren’t sure if it’s just because they make sense or your mother’s increasingly aggressive seduction tactics are beginning to work. The more your mother talks, the more exposed she becomes. It isn’t long before she has her hands around your cock and things are progressing increasingly fast. Your mother has some stipulations to this naughty affair but she makes you feel so good you couldn’t possibly say no. Before you know it your cock is buried in your mom’s pussy and you are on the phone breaking off your engagement.

This video has a gradual very sensual buildup to a whirlwind of realistic taboo virtual sex in a variety of positions and angles. Prepare to immerse yourself in the most erotic taboo fantasy I have produced yet!

Customer’s Review: “Wow that was amazing you did a fantastic job. You really made the script come to life!”

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Being immersed into the ultimate incest mommy fantasy. Your hot mother is insanely jealous that you have another woman in your life and she will do anything to keep her all to herself… including seducing your cock with handjobs, blowjobs, and intense virtual fucking in a variety of positions.

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