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“Loving mother Kristi has dealt with so much from her pervy son. It has went from him being her sweet boy to being a raging perv that continually spies on his mother’s private moments. Things only keep escalating further and further… where did all of this begin? Kristi doesn’t know… but she does remember the very first time her son shoved his face up into her bare ass and sniffed her in a way a son should never want to do… “

Sexy mommy Kristi just got home from work and she discovers a leaking pipe. It’s pouring water everywhere so she has no choice but to start working on it right away. She is wearing her short business skirt which completely shows her ass when she has to bend over to repair the pipe.

It’s taking quite a bit longer than expected and Kristi continues to fruitlessly try to cover her ass with her skirt but it’s not working. She begins to worry that her son is going to walk in and see her in such a state. Unbeknownst to her, he had already walked in minutes ago and was silently staring at her ass from the distance.

Finally she fixes the pipe after it has soaked her panties and pantyhose with water causing her to have to remove them. Kristi stands up and is shocked to see her son standing there with a weird smirk on his face. mommy Kristi is completely pissed but she hopes he didn’t see anything. She notices the pipe is still leaking from further up so she tells her son to hold the ladder while she climbs up and fixes it.

Kristi’s naughty son seizes this opportunity of having his mother’s naked ass directly in his face by shoving his face deep into her ass and stealing a huge whiff of her ass scent. She is shocked and disgusted but must continue fixing the pipe. She tries to cover herself to no avail until she finally gives up and gives in to her son’s demands of worshiping her ass.

Kristi realizes that it even feels a little good, even though it is totally wrong. She relaxes a bit and really lets him bury his face in her ass. She can’t help it any longer and she allows her son to lick her asshole and pussy. She makes him continue until she unintentionally orgasms all over her son’s face.

After she calms down for a moment, she realizes what just happened and warns her naughty son that this better never happen again! There is no reason why any son should want to smell his mother’s ass!

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