Teaching My Step Son to Smoke

Published on April 13, 2016 by kristi

Kristi is pregnant and secretly enjoying a cigarette before her step son comes home from school. She married his father a few years back and they tried for a while to have a baby. She finally got pregnant and promised her husband she would quit smoking immediately. Kristi didn’t realize how hard it would be to quit smoking…. so she didn’t. She kept smoking even though she was pregnant and she kept it a secret this whole time until her step son caught her in the act….

Honey! What are you doing home already?? I thought you had that after school club…. oh you didn’t see anything…. no, I wasn’t doing that! Oh crap, this is so bad. You weren’t suppose to be home yet and you definitely were not suppose to see me smoking! I know I was suppose to quit months ago but I didn’t and I’ve been keeping it a secret this whole time and now you know and you are going to tell your father… aren’t you?

You won’t tell him? Really? Oh that would be so great! I would appreciate that so much…. what?! You won’t tell him… if I do something for you? Are you trying to blackmail me? You can’t blackmail your step mother… you just can’t! Well, what do you want me to do? You want me…. to…. teach you how to smoke?? Oh honey, I don’t think I can do that. If your father ever found out he would divorce me! Are you sure you even want to start smoking? You know, once you start it is impossible to quit… it is a life long commitment honey!

Ok… well, if you are sure…. I suppose I can teach you. But if you ever get caught smoking you cannot say I am the one that taught you how. You have to blame it on your friends or somebody else… do you promise? Ok good. Take one of my cigarettes and light it up. You are probably going to cough a lot… these Marlboro Red 100s are a very strong cigarette to learn how to smoke with. There you go… keep going, take deep inhales and hold them in. You have to condition your lungs to be a smoker! Good job honey, you are doing so good! I am the best smoking teacher ever!

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Your pregnant step mother was suppose to quit smoking months ago when she first found out she was pregnant… but she didn’t. You came home from school early one day and caught her enjoying a cigarette. Your step mother is totally busted and now you want her to teach you how to smoke otherwise you are going to tell your father she is still smoking. She is reluctant at first but finally gives in and she sits down with you and teaches you how to smoke her delicious Marlboro Red 100s in this sexy step mother smoking fetish taboo clip!

Filmed in 1920×1280 true high definition.

Runtime: 14 minutes.

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