Step Mother Makes You Smoke and Jerk

Published on July 7, 2015 by kristi

I’ve been waiting for you to come home for an hour now! I know you have been stealing my cigarettes, again. You know exactly how pissed your father was last time and this time is going to be even worse. Why do you this? Is it because I am your step mother and you don’t respect me? Well, I am going to put a stop to it once and for all. Sit down and light this up…. yes, you are going to sit here and smoke until I tell you to stop. I am going to make you smoke so much you’ll be sick! Ugh, what’s that?! Do you have a hard on right now? Oh how gross, I am SO telling your father about this…. unless…. well, I could punish you instead of telling your father. Maybe it would get the point across better. I won’t tell your father what you’ve been doing IF you do everything I say. Agreed? Good…. now drop your pants and light that cigarette up. We will see how much you want to smoke after I make you so embarrassingly jerk your cock and smoke right here in front of me.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: You get caught stealing your super hot step mom’s cigarettes again and she is pissed! You are forced to smoke and jerk your dick right infront of her unles you want your father finding out!

Filmed in 1920×1280 true high definition.

Runtime: 21 minutes.

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