My Daughter Makes Me Smoke!

Published on February 28, 2015 by kristi

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Your daughter comes home one day, and you confront her because you saw her smoking that morning outside of your house. Your daughter is home from college, where just a few months ago she started smoking. You, however, are a non-smoker adamantly so. You NEVER thought in a million years that your daughter would take up such a terrible habit. While you realize shes an adult and you cant stop her, you just want to know WHY she would do such a thing.
Your daughter says she was surprised how many girls at college smoke even ones who are good students and not at all trashy. It made her curious, and she asked her roommate to teach her. She caught on quickly, and found she loves everything about smoking. It relaxes her when shes stressed, and it makes her feel sexy, too. And its a really great way to relate to her friends.
You listen, and your attitude softens a bit. You mention how many of your coworkers smoke, and because of that its been hard for you to get along with them. Your daughter says that maybe if you smoked, it would be easier. Plus, it would relieve your stress on the job as an accountant. Maybe thats why your coworkers smoke.
Your daughter offers to let you try it. You hesitate, but your daughter persists. You tell her that you did try smoking once, many years ago, but found it way too harsh and strong, and you never tried again. Your daughter asks what kind of cigarette it was. You tell her it was one of your sister (her aunts) Marlboro Reds. Your daughter says thats probably why you couldnt handle it. New smokers should try Marlboro Lights. She offers you one. You hesitate again, but then give in. From here you can act out trying it, coughing some at first, but on your second cigarette, which you agree to try, you discover it is much smoother. You like it, and admit that maybe, once in awhile, you will smoke, just for fun.

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Filmed in 1920×1280 true high definition.

Runtime: 26 minutes.

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