Mommy Forces You to Have Multiple Orgasms

Published on March 30, 2016 by kristi

Young man, I’ve been looking everywhere for you! We need to have a serious talk. Do you know what your father told me this morning?! He told me that he caught you jerking off in the bathroom again! How many times have I told you that you are absolutely not allowed to jerk off in my house, period! I don’t care if all other boys do it or not, you are forbidden for doing such nasty things in my house! Now come stand in front of me, you are going to be punished today!

I am going to teach you a lesson once and for all. I’ve told you time and time again how disgusting I think it is that you touch yourself in my house. So… since you want to keep disobeying the rules and you obviously can’t keep your hands off of your penis…. you are going to jerk off right here in front of your mother. That’s right, you are going to jerk your cock right here while I am watching. That’s not all… oh no, I wouldn’t possibly make it that easy on you. You are going to jerk yourself until you orgasm not once, not twice, but three times! You are going to keep jerking and keeping orgasming for me until I tell you to stop. Your penis is going to feel so horrible by the time I let you go that you will never want to touch yourself in your mother’s house again! Now drop your pants and pull it out and this better not take too long, I have to get to my book club soon and you are not going to make me late!

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Your strict bitch mother has forbidden you from jerking your cock in her house. You are a young boy and you definitely have your urges so you still touch yourself locked away in the bathroom. You forgot to lock the door one morning and your father walked in and caught you. He proceeded to tell your mother and she was pissed! She confronted you and told you that you were being punished. Your mother has always been weird about punishments and this time was no different. She told you to pull your cock out right there infront of her and start stroking it. Your punishment was, you are going to be forced to stroke and have multiple orgasms in hopes that it would get your “urges” out of your system!

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Runtime: 12 minutes.

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