Forced To Worship Mommy’s Pantyhose & Asshole

Published on July 7, 2015 by kristi

Where are they at? Ugh I hate it when I lose my favorite panties… they have to be here somewhere…. oh! There they are… I’m so glad I found… Honey!! What are you doing in here? Oh honey, you weren’t doing…. THAT again… were you? How could you?? Mommy told you that it is not appropriate to look up her skirt at her butt ever! I’ve told you about this time after time after time and I guess you are just never going to learn your lesson, are you? I feel very violated when my pervy son looks at my ass when I am bending over… and I am going to put a stop to it once and for all! Get down on your knees son… Mommy is going to teach you why you must never look at her ass again. You are going to become very accustomed to mommy’s ass today. Yes son, you are going to bury your face in mommy’s ass and smell her pantyhose…. and if that isn’t enough, you are going to smell, lick and clean mommy’s asshole as well. You WILL learn your lesson today, young man!

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Being forced to smell your sexy mother’s stinky asshole through her stink filled pantyhose for being a naughty boy and peeking up her work skirt.

Filmed in 1920×1280 true high definition.

Runtime: 12 minutes.

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