The Giantess Jar of Misfortune


Giantess Kristi discovers tiny little men sitting on her couch. She was quite delighted as she had just ran out of her previous stash of little people. She quickly scoops them up and deposits the lot into a small glass jar. The next morning the sexy giantess wakes and pops the lid off the jar. She reaches in for the first little man and straight to her Goddess asshole he goes. She makes him sniff and clean until he meets his fate by anal . Kristi reaches in the jar for the second little man. She sticks his tiny body into her wet pussy and lets her hungry pussy devour him. What ever will happen to the final little man? Will he be swallowed whole and digested in a pit of stomach acid?

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Live your fantasy of being a shrunken tiny man and being trapped in a jar by a big beautiful Giantess. She makes good use of you by letting her pussy swallow you, shoving you deep into her asshole and eating you whole letting you digest in her amazon belly!

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