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Put Even More Babies In My Belly


Babe, I’m back. I hope you are ready for round #2 because I told you I was extremely horny today! I can’t believe how much bigger my belly has gotten from the last time we had sex and all of those babies you put in my belly. I am so huge and I am SO horny. I just have to have your cock inside of me again. I want my belly to grow even bigger… I want you to fill my pussy up with cum and put even more babies inside my belly. Go get on the bed babe, I want to fuck your brains out and you are going to empty your balls into my pussy and make my belly swell with even more of your babies inside of it!

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Your sexy pregnant girlfriend needs your cock again and this time she wants you to put even more babies in her pregnant belly. She loves it when you creampie her pussy and make her belly swell even bigger with more babies inside of it. She is going to throw you down on the bed and ride your cock with her pregnant pussy until you cum so hard and creampie her pussy filling her up with even more babies inside her pregnant belly in this sexy pregnant impregnation fantasy taboo fetish clip!

What Happened to My Penis? : A Gender Transformation Story : Part 2


This takes place immediately after my first commissioned video. You are lying on the bed and are freaking out because you can feel your belly swelling even bigger. “Oh my God! What the fuck is happening? Shit, this hurts!” you say as you look at your larger belly. You check out your belly button and rub your belly for about a minute. Suck it in and push it out a few times.

“It is bigger…..and ewwwww, the baby is moving! Ah, this is so gross!” Take off the pants. Get up and inspect your bigger belly and boobs in the “mirror/camera”. “Oh my God. This really isn’t going to do. I need my gym time, but I can’t go looking like this….all girly and pregnant! I need my muscles and dick back.” Do a few muscle poses again. “Damn, this body just isn’t working. Even if I can muscle up, I’m still going to be a pregnant woman. I need my dick back.”

Grab the mirror to check out your vagina again.”Damn! I didn’t know pussies got bigger! Fucking thing is swelling right up.” Start doing a little camera play. Feel up your breasts. Start trying to do some sexy poses. Do some “duck lips” for the camera. Try on the shirt again from the previous video, but you don’t have to try to button it. “Shit, if I weren’t preggo, I’d do this body. Hell, I’m sexy pregnant. I’d do me pregnant too. Oh, God this is so weird. Could I let a guy do me?”

Start to finger yourself again. “Shit, this feels good!” Do this for a minute as you stand. Suddenly, you get the growing feeling again. Grab your belly and freak out as you feel your belly once again begin to grow bigger again!

To be continued…

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Suck on Mommy’s Milky Titties


Honey, are you still awake? Good…. mommy needs to talk to you. I want to know why you have been in such a bad mood lately. You’ve been very down and honestly you’ve been treating mommy really bad. I am not leaving this bed until you tell me why! Ugh honey! How could you even think such a thing? Is that really what you’ve been thinking this whole time? Why would you ever think that just because I am having a new baby that I would just throw you to the side? You are my first born son, I love you so much and I would never love the new baby more than I love you. That’s just ridiculous honey and I want you to know that it is not true. Now sure when the new baby comes I will have to spend a lot of time with the baby and you might feel a little left out…. Honey, I think I know of a way that you could feel really close to mommy before the baby comes… a way that we can get some special bonding time together before the baby gets here. How would you like to suck on mommy’s milky boobies? It’s what the baby is going to be doing and if you do it now before the baby comes then you won’t feel so left out when I am feeding the baby all the time. We can do this every night until the baby arrives… do you want to? Good boy, here just suck right here on mommy’s milky boobies and get all of the milk out. You have to suck them dry so they can refill with even more milk for you tomorrow night! Mmmm yes, that’s mommy’s sweet boy drinking all of my yummy milk!

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