Merry Christmas mom! It’s been a long few months since I’ve last seen you and since you sent me that potion that turned me into a girl so I wanted to send you a little video update for Christmas. I’m going to be coming home for Christmas this year and I don’t think anybody believes that I am actually a girl but they are going to find out very soon! It’s almost impossible to believe that my own mother turned her handsome son into… well, a sexy woman! But you did mom, you did, and now you are going to see me in my new body for the first time. Mom, I have a couple of things I need to tell you before I see you. First, I know I said I would never date men after you turned me into a girl and I told you I would be lesbian… well mom, I lied. I actually turned into a huge slut. I love dick mom! I take dick every night… even multiple dicks a night! Mom, the second thing I need to tell you is… all of those dicks I’ve been taking… well, I got pregnant! That’s right mom, your new daughter is pregnant and going to give you a grand baby. Now I have proof that I’ve had dick inside of me and everybody is going to freak! I’ve been such a slut… I love taking dick and I’m never going to stop! Oh and mom, I’m also a camgirl. I couldn’t keep my job as a man so I started pimping my new sexy booty out online. Men love paying for my sexy new girl body! I hope you are happy mom, you did this to me after all!

You’ll enjoy this video if you like: A gender transformation story of getting back at your bitch mother for transforming you into a girl. You turned into a pregnant woman who pimps her own ass out online and engages in lots of random sex with men.