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Ive made a bet for a million dollars but in order to win I must be celibate for 40 days. No masturbating, no sex… So now it’s day 39 and I told a friend of mine to tie me to my bed for the last day, because I cant stand it anymore and I don’t want to be tempted in the last 24 hours. I’m tied to my bed and I’m sleeping with only 20 minutes left before I win the bet and the money. But then, my hot Aunt that I’ve always had feelings for enters the room, I wake up and see you and I’m shocked because I always have the hots for you and you have known that all the years but kept it in secret. You say that you heard about that bet that I made and you start asking me about hard it’s been to not masturbate or have sex… to not have orgasmed at all in the past 40 days. You become very seductive and start teasing me saying wouldn’t it be such a shame if I lost that bet just minutes before the deadline and that my own aunt makes me lose that bet. You know I have a big foot fetish and I have always liked looking at my aunties feet. You tease me with your hot body getting undressed and pulling off your stockings and you start rubbing your beautiful feet on my cock. I’m tied up and try to resist but it is going to be near impossible not to cum for my Aunt’s feet. When you see the foot job isn’t working fast enough, you decide to slide my cock into your pussy and ride the million dollars out of me. Auntie always win, after all.

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You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Your hot Aunt finds out about the bet you made to stay celibate for a million dollars. Your Aunt really wants that money and is determined to make sure that you don’t win it. She sneaks into your room and starts giving you an amazing footjob. When that doesn’t work fast enough your sexy Aunt slides your cock into her pussy and fucks the million dollars out of you! Auntie always wins!