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Pregnant Step Mother Gives You the Best Christmas Gift Ever!

Oh my sweet step son.. I have bad news to tell you. I just got off the phone with your father and he isn’t going to be home tonight for Christmas. I know, I know, I’m disappointed too. After all, tonight was suppose to be our special night together.. that’s why I’m wearing this! Anyways, I guess it is just going to be you and me. Don’t worry, we will have lots of fun! We will open presents and drink cocoa and watch Christmas movies! But first, why don’t you hop up into bed with your lonely pregnant step mother. See, I have a special present I’ve been wanting to give you and since your father stood me up again I guess now is the right time. Honey, there is a very special present that both girls and boys have and they can give it to each other and that’s what I want to do with you tonight. Your special present is right down there under your pajamas and step mommy really wants to play with it. I will tell you what… I’ll let you unwrap my special presents if you let me unwrap yours… deal? I want to touch you you the way I would have touched your daddy tonight.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Your sexy pregnant step mother and yourself was ditched again by your careless father on Christmas eve. Your step mother is lonely and probably a bit horny so she invites you to spend Christmas eve in her bed. She tells you about a very special present she has and promises to let you unwrap hers if she can unwrap yours. Little did you know that the very special present was actually the hard cock in your pajamas… Your pregnant step mother’s pussy was definitely your favorite Christmas present this year!

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A Very Merry Giantess Christmas


Oh my! Santa brought me a present! I wonder what it could be… hmmm… the box is really small so whatever is inside must be small… and it smells really good too! I simply must know what’s inside! Ohhh a box full of tiny shrunken people! Oh what a wonderful gift, just what a giantess needed! Santa must have known that I needed some new play things! Let’s see, first I am going to use them to play with my big giantess nipples. After that, my giantess asshole needs to be cleaned and I see the perfect little man to do the job! I’ve always wanted my giantess pussy to swallow a little man… hmmm, which one of you are going to meet your fate inside my pussy? Well, I’m tired now and super hungry… it’s time for the giantess to devour her snacks! Each and every one of you are getting swallowed alive to be digested in my belly! Mmmmm, thanks Santa for the awesome presents!

You’ll enjoy this video if you like: An erotic Giantess fantasy story of a sexy horny Giantess that receives a box of little men from Santa. She is so excited to have new shrunken play things! The horny Giantess makes the tiny shrunken men play with her large nipples, clean her Giantess asshole and be swallowed whole by her mouth and pussy.

Mommy’s Special Christmas Present for Curious Boys


Honey! What are you still doing awake? I told you that Santa won’t bring your presents if you are not sleeping. No little boy anywhere has ever caught Santa delivering presents, you must be asleep! I know you are terribly excited and it must be so hard to fall asleep tonight but maybe mommy can help. Hmmm let’s see… what could we do to make you sleepy. Oh, I know! How about it mommy gives you are early Christmas present? Yes I think that is just the thing to get you sleepy. This is a very special present, honey. This is a present that all little boys want but most of them never get. See, you have this thing in your pajamas that makes you feel really good and…. well, mommy is going to play with it for you and when we are done you will be extra sleepy and you can get to bed so Santa can come and bring your presents!

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Your sexy mommy catches you sitting up by the Christmas tree waiting for Santa. You explains to you that you must go to sleep if you want Santa to bring your presents. Your mommy knows it must be hard for you to be sleepy on Christmas eve so she offers to give you an early Christmas present. Mommy reaches into your pajamas and starts rubbing your cock, then she starts sucking on it… when that isn’t getting you sleepy enough mommy slides you hard cock into her pussy and fucks you until she cums all over your cock! That should get you nice and tired and ready for bed! Don’t miss this sexy incestuous mommy Christmas fantasy clip!