I’m so glad you came over today, I am SO bored! Sure I’d love to play a game.. what kind of game? Truth or dare?? That’s SO grade school… oh well, there isn’t anything better to do. I’ll pick a dare. Wait… you want me to do what? Blow air into my pussy with these tubing… and it will make my breast grow? OMG that is so ridiculous! Blowing air into my pussy is NOT going to make my breast grow bigger. I’ll do it anyways just because I don’t want to lose the game but this so isn’t going to work. Ok, here I go…. wait, my boobs do feel a little different. I think this might actually be working. Let me keep blowing and see if they get bigger…. oh wow!! They did get bigger, look at them, they are way bigger now! I’m going to keep going until I have the biggest tits in the world then I’ll be super famous! I’m going to blow these up until they are the size of beach balls! Ummm… why would that be a bad idea? Oh whatever!! My tits are not going to explode, that’s impossible! Now be quiet and let me finish getting the world’s biggest boobs!!

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