Stroke for Your Smoking Step Mother in Pantyhose

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Step son! What a nice surprise… you just showing up in my room like this. Can I help you with something? You were looking for something? Well, I can assure you that whatever you are looking for is not in my room… but don’t leave just yet. I think we should have a little talk… you don’t mind if I smoke, do you? Good, because your new step mother loves smoking. So… I don’t think you were looking for anything at all. I think you were using that as an excuse to come into my room and see what I was doing. Don’t deny it, step son. I know you have a thing for me. Infact, I think you might be a little jealous of your own father and how he totally scored the hottest wife ever. I’m close to your age than I am to your father’s and… well, I’m totally hot, hotter than any girlfriend you have ever had. It’s ok to be jealous… I would be jealous of me too! You know, your father isn’t here right now… maybe we should take this time to develop our new family bond. I know you want me… I can see it in your eyes but I can’t fuck you step son. My marriage is too new to dishonor by fucking my step son but… well, there is nothing wrong with you pleasuring yourself while you look at my body. Looking isn’t cheating, after all. Go ahead and pull your young throbbing cock out and stroke it for me while I am smoking. My body looks so beautiful in these shiny pantyhose and I know you would love to bust a nut for your new hot step mother so do it. Pull it out and stroke for me… maybe next time I’ll let you slide your cock in my pussy!

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Your father just married a very attractive woman that is just about your age! You are secretly jealous of him… how dare he marry somebody that could be his daughter! You don’t like it but you are definitely attracted to her… especially when she is wearing pantyhose and smoking! You go to her room and find her enjoying a cigarette. She knows exactly why you are there… but she tells you that you can’t fuck her yet, but you can stroke your raging cock for her pantyhose ass and sexy cigarette smoking. Hot step mother smoking taboo clip.

Filmed in 1920×1280 true high definition.

Runtime: 18 minutes.

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