Smoking Nurse Teaches Niece How to Smoke


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Your niece, your younger sisters daughter, is visiting you for a couple of weeks at your house. You havent seen her since she was little, and now shes 18 years old.
After she arrives, you are catching up in your living room. At some point, you ask if she minds if you smoke. She says no, and you ask if shed like a cigarette. She says she doesnt smoke, and you are quite surprised. In your opinion, pretty young girls should always learn how to smoke. Smoking, for you, is a sign of maturity. What you know and a lot of people dont is that nearly all professional women do smoke, especially nurses like you, and your niece wants to be a nurse.
You tell your niece that for nurses, smoking is a necessity. Its one of the few ways they have to reduce stress. You tell her that new nurses who start out as non-smokers always end up smoking.
Your niece asks why, since its bad for your health. You say that since nurses are quite aware of this, they cant take steps to mitigate the negatives, like eating well and exercising.
Then you ask if shed like you to teach her to smoke. If you start now, by the end of her two weeks, shell be a comfortable heavy smoker, which will make it a lot easier for her to cope in nursing school and beyond. You also point out that although nothing is ever acknowledged officially, all the nursing instructors she meets will be smokers, and that they treat their smoking students better than the non-smoking ones.

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