Naughty Son Punished & Made to Clean Mommy’s Ass

Kristi is looking for the perfect panties to wear on her date tonight. She is bent over in a short skirt digging through her panty box not knowing that her naughty step-son was hiding in her room peeking under her skirt… again…. until she turns around and catches him in the act!

Oh my…. are you serious… this really can’t be happening… I can’t believe I caught you staring up my skirt, again. I thought being forced to smell step-mommy’s sweaty stinky ass last time would be enough but I guess not because here you are again hiding in my room and spying on me. I can’t believe you would actually want to look up your step-mother’s skirt! Well this time you are going to get a punishment that you will never forget! You are going to lick, kiss, smell and worship step-mommy’s sweaty ripe ass until you learn that it is not acceptable to spy on your step-mother!

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