My Neighbor is a Dirty Panty Thief!

Kristi just moved into a new neighborhood and wanted to meet her neighbors. She invited all of the neighbors in the immediate houses around her. Everybody was over having a good time and the day couldn’t be better!

Kristi had to go down to the basement to get something for the party and when she got down the stairs she was completely horrified! She found one of her neighbors digging through her dirty laundry hamper and he was smelling a pair of her dirty panties!

Kristi was completely pissed and pretty disgusted so she started bitching the neighbor out. As she was telling him how awful he was… she noticed something… the neighbor was actually pretty hot and the bulge in his pants was quite large… hmmm, maybe Kristi will have a little fun with this after all.

Kristi’s tone changed from bitch mode to sexy seductress… she told the neighbor that if he liked her dirty panties, he was really going to love the ones she was currently wearing. She turned around and slid her jeans down, exposing her perfect ass in a pair of tan high waisted nylon panties… and she has been wearing them all… day… long.

Kristi instructed the neighbor to stroke his dick while she slowly undress, teasing the neighbor with her sexy ass in panties as she went. Finally she stripped her dirty panties off, tossed them to the neighbor so he could stroke his cock with them, and she sat back in her chair and they masturbated together until they both orgasmed so hard.

That was actually pretty hot, Kristi thought, and definitely something she would consider doing again. She even let the neighbor keep the panties as a souvenir!

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