Mommy’s Little Asshole Slave


Kristi is a loving mother yet she is constantly tested by her pervy son. He constantly spies on her while she is undressing and in her intimate moments. She has caught him… and punished him… many times before with each punishment getting more severe.

She had a feeling he was back to his old ways so tonight she set a trap for him. She knew he was hiding the bed so she locked her door and began to get undress and find her rest clothes. She put on some very slutty lingerie tonight knowing what she had planned.

She lied down in bed and left a piece of her ass exposed. It wasn’t long before her son crawled from under the bed to get a better peek at his sexy mother’s ass. He has no idea that his mommy knows what he is doing… until she catches him!

She turns around and busts him right in the act of eye fucking her big ass in thongs. She tells him that this was a trap and now his punishment will commence. She demands that he sticks his face in her ass and breath in her stinky scent. She skipped her shower tonight just so her ass scent would be strong.

Things progress to Kristi forcing her son to stick his tongue up her ass, clean her asshole and lick her pussy. She continues to make him her asshole slave until it finally feels clean enough and then she climbs up and straddles his face. She grinds her shaved pussy all over her son’s face while demanding he lick her pussy until she has a massive orgasm.

Her son better learn to quit spying on mommy!

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