Mommy Makes You a Man


Sweetie, are you still awake? Oh good… I just wanted to check and make sure that you had the best 18th birthday ever! Mommy tried her best to make it the most special birthday yet… but I still have a gift to give you sweetie. Mommy has a very special gift… the gift of turning you into a man. Just because you are 18 doesn’t mean you are a man… no, honey… the only thing that can make you a man is a warm wet pussy wrapped around your cock for the first time… and that is exactly what mommy has for you.

Shhhh sweetie, don’t speak… I know what you’re thinking. Let mommy take control… let mommy turn you into a man in the best way possible. I’m going to make your 18th birthday one that you will never forget. Infact, you will probably remember it every night for the rest of your life!

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