Mommy Loves Your Adorable Tiny PeePee


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Hello my sweet step-son, you look sad. Do you need step-mommy’s help with something? Oh…. that…. again… Honey, how many times do I have to tell you? There is nothing you can do about your small penis, you were born this way and you just have to deal with it. Oh I suppose I can take a look and see if it has gotten any bigger if that makes you feel better. Let me have a look….

Sweetie… it may have gotten a tiny bit bigger but really honey, the truth is… you have a baby dick and since you do, you need to be treated like a baby. Your penis is never going to grow any bigger. It is always going to be a tiny little penis but I find that absolutely adorable! Step-Mommy loves your tiny little peepee and I want you to be my sweet little tiny dick baby.

Now that we are treating you like a baby, it’s time you act like one. Come drink step-mommy’s warm sweet breastmilk and play with your adorable peepee until you cum so you can rest good tonight. Come get your yummy snack, step-mommy’s tiny dick baby!

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