Mommy Gets Stuck Under the Bed!


Mommy Kristi finally has a date after several weeks of going without. She is looking for her “lucky” panties but isn’t having any luck finding them! She searches all over her room, bending over and flashing her bare pussy under her skirt. She finally spots them and slides them up under her skirt.

She turns to leave the room when she spots him! Her naughty pervy son! Poor mommy Kristi has had nothing but trouble with her son. He is constantly hiding in various places, spying on her in various states of undress. She has punished him numerous times but it never seems to help. She is starting to feel completely helpless against her horny son.

She spots him hiding under the bed and immediately questions what he is doing. He explains that he dropped his phone under the bed but cannot find it. Kristi doesn’t want to be late for her date so she bends down and crawls under the bed to look. She quickly finds it and as she begins to crawl out she realizes that she is stuck under the bed!

Now she really is helpless against her horny son. Her bare ass and pussy is in open view and there is no way she is going to stop what’s coming next…

Her son seizes the opportunity to shove his face in her ass, sniffing her delicious scent. She yells at him to stop but it only causes him to get deeper in her ass. She soon realizes that there is nothing she can do… so she reluctantly gives in to his desires.

She allows him to devour her pussy and ass and after a bit, she starts to get wet and wants more. She promises her son that if he lets her out from under the bed, she will let him eat her pussy as much as he wants and she will help his cock cum too! He lifts the bed and she rolls over… lifts up her ass and shoves her wet mommy pussy in his face while telling her naughty horny son to stroke…

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