Jealous Ex-Girlfriend Turns You into a Baby with an Age Regression Spell!


Your jealous ex-girlfriend just can’t let you go so she turns you into her baby with an age regression spell… It’s been weeks since you broke up with your crazy hot ex-girlfriend. You moved on but she obviously hasn’t. You go over to her house to collect somethings and she tricks you into drinking something you definitely shouldn’t have drank. She slipped a drug into your drink and now you are completely helpless! She injects you with an age regression serum and soon you feel it working. You feel like you are shrinking and everything is turning white until…. oh no! You’ve been turned into a baby… your crazy ex-girlfriend’s baby! She couldn’t have you any other way so now she has you forever and she insists on you feeding at her leaking milk filled titties in this erotic transformation fetish age regression porn video.

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