Gloved Nurse Fixes Your Semen Backup


Hello sir. I see you are a new patient. So it looks like you are coming in today with some discomfort in your penis and testicle area, is that correct? Ok… well, let me put my gloves on and we will take a look at that. Go ahead and drop your pants and pull down your underwear so I can take a look.

Oh my… wow… you are very hard… I haven’t see this in… Ok, well, you are definitely backed up. That is exactly what is wrong. You have a very severe case of semen back up. That’s ok, it’s definitely an easy fix. There is a special in office procedure I can do right here that will have you all fixed up and out the door in just a few minutes. Would you like to try it?

Ok good… so I’m just going to help you release your backed up semen. In not so professional terms, I am going to milk your cock. Just try to relax and focus and getting that cum out of there. I will professionally stroke your cock until we get every last drop out and you will feel like a new man when we are done!

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