Giantess Kristi’s Shopping Incident

Giantess Kristi is a very kind Goddess under normal circumstances but when she gets angry… well… it can get really bad when she is angry. I guess the stupid lady at the grocery store wasn’t aware of that… and she paid the price dearly.

Giantess Kristi was out shopping, minding her own business, when a very rude woman started being horrible. Kristi was not having it today so she quickly shrunk the miserable bitch down to a tiny little person and stuck her in the bottom of her purse.

Kristi was so upset with the whole incident that she had to leave her groceries and immediately come home to deal with the little bitch. Kristi sits down and retrieves the woman from her purse. A big smile creeps unto her face as soon as she lays eyes on her next victim.

Kristi explains to the tiny woman that she is now Kristi’s slave and the job certainly will not be an easy one. She will be Kristi’s personal ass cleaner to start and if she survives that task… well. she will be lucky.

Kristi forces the tiny bitch woman to clean her Giantess asshole and when Kristi feels that is not humiliating enough, she sticks the woman’s whole upper body up her giant asshole while she fucks her pussy with a big toy!

Kristi forces the woman to eat her Giantess asshole while she masturbates and when she is done, Kristi sticks the woman back down her panties so she can keep Kristi’s ass clean for the duration of her shopping trip.

This little woman won’t ever get the chance to cross a Giantess the wrong way again but maybe the next won’t be as foolish!

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