Get In My Pregnant Belly, I’m SO Hungry!


Thank you so much for coming over. I just really needed somebody to talk to. It’s SO hard being pregnant… all of the aches and pains and difficulty doing normal every day thing… but really, the most frustrating part of being pregnant is my insane hunger. I have to eat ALL the time. I eat everything I see. I just bought groceries a few days ago and the cupboards are already bare… and I am SO hungry. I can’t make it back to the store for more food and my pregnant belly hurts from being empty. I just have to eat something,.. I need nourishment… I need to fill my big pregnant belly… and well, that’s why I invited you over. See, being around you really makes my belly growl. You smell so delicious and you look like such a tasty snack… I just know you would fill my pregnant belly up for days! So… that’s why you are here… I am going to EAT you! I am going to eat you and fill my pregnant belly full and then I will have fun feeling you being digested by my stomach acids in my pregnant belly. There is only way out of my belly… and it’s not from the same hole you went in!

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