Don’t Be Ashamed to Fuck Mommy


Sweetie… we need to talk. I accidentally snooped on your phone today and I saw that website you were on… and I saw your messages too! Why were you calling those older women “mommy”? You know I’m the only mommy you have and it hurts my feelings a whole lot to see you calling another woman “mommy”.

I started thinking about it and I realized that you are grown now… you have needs… you are craving something that you haven’t been getting and I know exactly what it is.

It’s me… your mother… you need your mommy’s touch… her attention… you need to feel the warmth of her lips pressed against yours. You need me. I’m here for you now. I didn’t know… but now I do and everything is going to change.

mommy is going to take care of you now… the way only a mother could.

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