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I love doing custom videos and everybody who buys ones is always extremely happy! I use an expensive HD camcorder (NOT an HD webcam which usually have crappy sound and video lag) and I edit all the videos I make to make sure they are pleasurable to view.

I do a wide variety of fetishes and vanilla stuff as well. If you want to ask me if I do a specific fetish or something you like just email me at and I will let you know.

Some of the many fetishes I accommodate:
Jerk Off Instruction
Big Tits
Virtual Sex
Cum Eating Instruction
Forced Intox
Femdom POV

Contact for information on how to make a payment.

My time frame for delivering your video is up to 10 days after you have paid for the video. Most times I get them done and sent over much faster.

I have been online since 2004 and have plenty of experience in excellent customer service and making YOU happy.

So go ahead and email me to order your custom video at – you won’t be disappointed!


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  • Tech 4 years ago

    Hello Kristi,

    My favorite MILF of the year.

    I’d like to order a custom clip. I like to have a virtual handjob session (no stunt cock). I will give you a video example which I found online and it’s where the concept come from:

    If you can then I will send more information. Oh, this is my second message that I sent to you.


  • Dre 4 years ago

    Hello. I was curious to know if you happen to have any latex or tight and shiny outfits/lingerie ? Thanks for your time.

  • Dr. Anthony Serpi 4 years ago

    Here’s a video I’m interested in:

    I’m on a business trip (pretty realistic, since I’m an MD and occasionally go to conferences and seminars out of town). My wife Kristi sends me a video for my trip.

    In the video, she is dressed in a sexy, provocative little dress and 5″ heels. She begins by telling me that she misses me, loves me, and hopes I’m having a great trip, that she can’t wait to see me again, etc. Then she starts stripping…very slowly, grinning a guilty but proud grin. She tells me that she has something to tell me…that she has a date tonight. She knows that will shock me, so she reminds me that she loves me…but that she has thought about it for a long time and realized that she wants more…NEEDS more…and deserves more. She tells me that she knows I know she deserves it. She touches her bare breasts and says, “Look at me; you know I attract men. You know I need the attention. And you know I deserve it.”

    She tells me about how excited she is for her date…that it is a younger man…barely known to her, someone she is excited to get attention from. She admits that she bought the heels specifically for him, knowing he likes 5″ heels.

    She keeps stripping, teasing me…knowing that her body and attitude mesmerize me and soothe the jealousy, while simultaneously growing it. When she finally shows her gorgeous legs, she admits that she took my credit card and bought the dress and heels: “Don’t I look beautiful and very sexy in these, baby? You don’t mind being the second man who fucks me in these, do you?” Giggle…

    In the end, she says, “Don’t worry, you’re my favorite. Think of me while you’re there! XXX”

    The attitude is the key to this–the loving, sweet, bold confidence. Can you pull it off?


    Dr. Serpi

  • Fernando Lomelin 4 years ago

    Hi there. I like all of ur custom videos. I really want to see u like mi sister in law.. Lily. Do u do that? , I hope so =). And how much it coast. Thanks.!!!!!!!


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