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Mommy Wants You to Know


Hey sweetie. I hope you don’t mind me sending you this little video. I sure have missed you terribly since you’ve left for college. I was waiting to tell you all of this when you came back home but I just can’t wait any longer… I have to tell you how I feel!

My sweet son, I love you so much but…. well, I feel as if we were meant to be together not just as mother and son but also as lovers. I’ve watched you grow into a handsome man and I’ve been lusting after you for months now! I have a feeling you feel the same way about me… I’ve seen the way you look at me. The spark of desire in your eyes.

Oh son! How I wish you were here right now but this video will just have to do. mommy’s pussy is wet… so wet for your cock. I know you are hard for me too. I want you to touch yourself for mommy… and I will touch myself for you.

Look at how wet you make mommy’s pussy! You like that, don’t you? Don’t you wish you could feel how wet I am? I would love to feel your hard cock in my pussy… Do it sweetie, touch yourself, stroke your cock for mommy. I want to make you cum for me tonight just like I would if you were really here.

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Giantess Kristi’s New Sex Toy (with Vore)


Giantess Kristi is a very horny giantess and she had recently heard of a very special type of little man… a tiny little shrunken man that can survive digestion! When she heard of this incredible little man she just knew she had to have one… so she ordered her very own and eagerly awaited his arrival.

The day final arrives and Giantess Kristi couldn’t be more excited! She looks at the tiny little man and instantly starts scheming of all the way she is going to use him. She quickly introduces herself then she snatches the little man up and begins to play…

First, she makes him lick and worship her big Giantess asshole but that’s not enough… she soon makes him pleasure her pussy. She tells the little man that if he can make her cum, she won’t eat him. He tries his hardest but it just isn’t working… Giantess Kristi explains that she just can’t cum without having a tiny little man running around in her belly.

She grabs him up and drops him in her mouth, savoring his taste before swallowing him alive. She feels the tiny man drop into her belly and her pussy instantly gets even wetter. She rubs her clit faster and faster while feeling the tiny man moving around in her belly. It doesn’t take long before she orgasms so hard… all thanks to the tiny little shrunken man.

Orgasms always make the Giantess sleepy so she decides to take a nap…. and after her nap, she always needs to use the toilet. Once she wakes up, she feels the urge so she sits on her toilet throne and begins the process. She is extra excited about this time because she wants to see if it was true… could this tiny little man really survive digestion?? It sounds impossible but she is only a few moments away from finding out!

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Mutual Masturbation with Your Sexy Mother


Oh I just love our TV nights, sweetie! Nothing better than lounging in bed with my favorite son and catching up on our favorite show. This episode is so good, isn’t it?

Mmm… yes… just laying in bed… next to my son… my muscular, sexy son… and his cock… getting harder… mmmm! Baby, I don’t know what has come over me all of the sudden but mommy is definitely wet… down there. I’ve gotten so turned on watching your cock get harder and harder over the past few minutes.

I just don’t know if I am going to be able to concentrate on the show with my pussy throbbing like this… it looks like you are pretty hot and bothered as well. I think we should pause the show and feed our urges… our primal horny urges!

It’s been so long since we’ve just lied in bed together and masturbated, hasn’t it? Yes, it sure has… and I can’t take it any longer! I’m going to rub my wet pussy while I’m watching you stroke your cock and we are going to cum so hard together!

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Mommy Issues


Hello. Welcome to your first therapy session with Dr. Kristi.

According to your initial paperwork, it looks like you are having mommy issues… is that correct? I see. Can you explain to me exactly what these mommy issues are?

Mmm… yes, I can see how that can be frustrating. To have these feelings of lust and desire for your mother can definitely be very confusing for anybody. It is perfectly normal though, you have to realize that these feelings are completely normal for a son to feel towards his mother.

I do have a way of helping you with these feelings. This is a special kind of therapy… you would need to completely relax and listen to my voice. You would touch yourself while I described a naughty fantasy between you and your mother. As I am speaking, you are to listen to my voice and imagine my words… let them come to life in your head.

Yes… that’s right. Close your eyes and imagine that your deepest naughtiest desires are coming to life. Your sexy mother… on the bed in her lingerie… begging you to drop your pants and fuck her… her pussy is incredible… you’ve never felt anything like this before!

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Giantess Mother-In-Law


Kristi’s sweet son married a woman that Kristi never really cared for. She has never actually voiced her opinion before but she secretly hopes that they will break up. One day, Kristi comes home from shopping and to her surprise, she sees a tiny little person lying on the ottoman.

She bends down for a better inspection of the tiny person and she couldn’t believe who it was lying there… it was Tiffany! Her son’s horrible wife! It doesn’t take Kristi long at all to realize that this is the perfect opportunity to get exactly what she’s been wanting… Tiffany gone forever!

She grabs the tiny woman and immediately starts belittling her… she taunts her with her giantess size and describes to her exactly how she has felt this whole time. Kristi leaves to put on something a little more comfortable and when she returns, she grabs the tiny woman and takes her to bed.

From there, things only got worse for Tiffany. Kristi makes her lick her nipples while describing all of the horrible ways she has destroyed tiny shrunken people before. Then she sticks the shrunken woman on her asshole and makes her lick it. As the ultimate humiliation for Tiffany, Kristi farts in the tiny little woman’s face.

She continues to use the tiny woman as her personal sex toy. Kristi makes her lick her clit and asshole until she has a huge giantess orgasm. At that time, the little woman learns her real fate. She will be trapped in Kristi’s giantess panties for the rest of her life… turned into nothing more than a tiny shrunken ass slave for a sexy giantess.

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Guys Night Turned Wrong – A Giantess Experience


Kristi’s boyfriend was having a guy’s night at her house. He sent her out to the store for more beer and snacks. When she arrived back home, everybody was gone!

She called out to her boyfriend with no answer in return… she briefly looked around for him but she couldn’t find him or his friends. How weird, she thought. Where could they have possibly went in the short amount of time that she was gone?

Kristi sits down and pulls her sneakers off. She stretches her white cotton sock covered feet and rests them on the floor. She feels…. something…. under her foot. She lifts her foot and sees a speck! She bends over and takes a closer look only to see her boyfriend and his friends have been shrunken down to tiny little men!

She picks her boyfriend and his friend up and stares at them curiously. Hmmm… she says, how exciting that you guys have been shrunken so small! I’ve always wanted to know what a tiny little man tastes like! She pops the friend into her mount, savoring the taste. He tastes so good she just can’t help but swallow him whole!

Her boyfriend is alarmed but she reassures him that she would never swallow her boyfriend. She sets him down on the floor and begins looking for the third friend. Kristi searches high and low but she fails to find the tiny little man. Her boyfriend, however, did find his friend unfortunately stuck to a piece of tape on the floor. His fate is sealed when Kristi inadvertently steps on his, gluing him to the bottom of her white cotton sock.

Kristi gives up the search for the third little man and picks up her boyfriend. She is a total freak sexually and gets the great idea of having her tiny little boyfriend pleasure her wet pussy. She sticks his small body in her pussy and grabs a big dildo. She tells her boyfriend that he is going to pleasure her from the inside!

She fucks her pussy until she cums and when she tries to retrieve her shrunken boyfriend, she discovers that he is just too deep inside of her and she can’t reach him. Oh well, she says, you can just live in my pussy forever!

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Total Immersion – An Immersive Giantess Experience


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We’ve been good friends for as long as we can remember. While we’ve never actually dated (…or had sex for that matter…) we’ve never hesitated to share intimate thoughts and desires with each other when the topic of conversation at the moment drifted in that direction.

Recently I saw an internet ad for “TOTAL IMMERSION: The Ultimate total body sexual experience”. Curious, I investigated further and my mind was blown! The ad claimed they can shrink someone down to just a few inches in size so that they can have a total immersive sexual experience from INSIDE of their partner. Was this really possible? Could I really have sex from inside a vagina? The ad said it was not only possible but 100% safe. As badly as I wanted to know there was one problem…I didn’t have a girl friend nor did I really want to have this experience with a complete stranger.

As the days pass my mind becomes increasingly preoccupied with ‘Total Immersion’. Not surprisingly when we connect a few weeks later to catch up over drinks I can’t help but bring up ‘Total Immersion’. At first you were skeptical but soon became curious. The science made sense. At a few inches in height a human doesn’t require oxygen (…or at least as much of it…) and the condensed bones become exceptionally strong. Who knew! You grew quiet…I could tell you were deep in thought. But what about? What you said next was totally unexpected, “Let’s try it!”

I don’t remember much about the transformation process or the journey to your bedroom…but I do remember waking up in your hand and looking up at the giant smile on your face. WOW….IT REALLY WORKED! I then notice that not only am I naked in your hand but you are as well. I instantly get erect! As you’re placing me down on the bed you ask if I’d like to get a closer look at you before we get down to business. My jaw drops…you’re naked body is as amazingly hot as I’ve always imagined!

As you rub your nipples and then slowly move your hands down to you clit you comment about how horny you’ve become thinking about having me inside your pussy. You then turn around and bend over in front of me to give me a view from behind. I can’t help but notice that you have a butt plug in your ass!

You then lay down on the bed with me and exclaim, “Let’s get down to business!” You place me on your clit and I begin to lick/play with your clit as you rub your nipples. It doesn’t take long and you mutter the words I’ve been looking forward to hearing, “I’ve got to feel you inside of me!” As I begin to inch my way towards your pussy to take the plunge I’ve been dreaming about, I feel your finger guide me to the opening of your pussy and then press me into the moist deliciousness.

Surprisingly, as I wiggle around inside your pussy I can feel the butt plug in your asshole pressing against the walls of your pussy. Attempting to add to your excitement I begin to press and wiggle your butt plug. You moan as your kinky desires begin to grow more intense. You then begin to move the butt plug in and out a little as I press on it. You’ve never had an anal orgasm but as intensely horny as you’ve become your attention quickly becomes fixated on achieving one today.

Suddenly I feel your finger fishing me out of your pussy. I see daylight and then the smile on your face as I lay in your hand. As you lay down on your stomach you explain to me “I know this wasn’t our plan, but I’m so crazy horny right now I need to you play with my asshole so I can orgasm.” Of course wanting to please you I agree….how bad could it be, right? I’ll just do my best to wiggle the butt plug while you get yourself off. While it won’t be the same as being inside of your pussy while you orgasm, I have always dreamed of giving you an orgasm.

As your hand places me by your asshole I quickly realize that my initial perception of the situation was incorrect. Gone was the butt plug and what remained was a hungry asshole looking for pleasure. You place me on your asshole which begins to wink and swallow me. I feel your finger on the back of my body and suddenly I’m thrust into your asshole. You finger your ass a few times while you moan intensely. “That’s it….wiggle, wiggle more in there!” You then re-insert your butt plug trapping me inside. You resume fingering yourself while I wiggle the butt plug from INSIDE of your asshole. Soon after you have an intense orgasm.

Exhausted, as you remove the butt plug from your asshole you comment how AMAZING the orgasm was. In fact, it was so good that you’re actually still horny. Sliding your finger back into your asshole you comment, I think I’m going to keep you in there a little longer so I can enjoy a few more orgasms today while I run a few errands. At that point you leave me deep inside your asshole while you get dressed for your errands.

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My Neighbor is a Dirty Panty Thief!

Kristi just moved into a new neighborhood and wanted to meet her neighbors. She invited all of the neighbors in the immediate houses around her. Everybody was over having a good time and the day couldn’t be better!

Kristi had to go down to the basement to get something for the party and when she got down the stairs she was completely horrified! She found one of her neighbors digging through her dirty laundry hamper and he was smelling a pair of her dirty panties!

Kristi was completely pissed and pretty disgusted so she started bitching the neighbor out. As she was telling him how awful he was… she noticed something… the neighbor was actually pretty hot and the bulge in his pants was quite large… hmmm, maybe Kristi will have a little fun with this after all.

Kristi’s tone changed from bitch mode to sexy seductress… she told the neighbor that if he liked her dirty panties, he was really going to love the ones she was currently wearing. She turned around and slid her jeans down, exposing her perfect ass in a pair of tan high waisted nylon panties… and she has been wearing them all… day… long.

Kristi instructed the neighbor to stroke his dick while she slowly undress, teasing the neighbor with her sexy ass in panties as she went. Finally she stripped her dirty panties off, tossed them to the neighbor so he could stroke his cock with them, and she sat back in her chair and they masturbated together until they both orgasmed so hard.

That was actually pretty hot, Kristi thought, and definitely something she would consider doing again. She even let the neighbor keep the panties as a souvenir!

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Giantess Kristi’s Shopping Incident

Giantess Kristi is a very kind Goddess under normal circumstances but when she gets angry… well… it can get really bad when she is angry. I guess the stupid lady at the grocery store wasn’t aware of that… and she paid the price dearly.

Giantess Kristi was out shopping, minding her own business, when a very rude woman started being horrible. Kristi was not having it today so she quickly shrunk the miserable bitch down to a tiny little person and stuck her in the bottom of her purse.

Kristi was so upset with the whole incident that she had to leave her groceries and immediately come home to deal with the little bitch. Kristi sits down and retrieves the woman from her purse. A big smile creeps unto her face as soon as she lays eyes on her next victim.

Kristi explains to the tiny woman that she is now Kristi’s slave and the job certainly will not be an easy one. She will be Kristi’s personal ass cleaner to start and if she survives that task… well. she will be lucky.

Kristi forces the tiny bitch woman to clean her Giantess asshole and when Kristi feels that is not humiliating enough, she sticks the woman’s whole upper body up her giant asshole while she fucks her pussy with a big toy!

Kristi forces the woman to eat her Giantess asshole while she masturbates and when she is done, Kristi sticks the woman back down her panties so she can keep Kristi’s ass clean for the duration of her shopping trip.

This little woman won’t ever get the chance to cross a Giantess the wrong way again but maybe the next won’t be as foolish!

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Can’t Stop Spying on Mommy


It’s late at night and you are getting the feeling again… that feeling… the one that always seems to get you in trouble. Every time you get the feeling you can’t resist your urges for your mother. Her beautiful body with curves in all of the right places. The way she gently touches herself… her fingers tracing her perfect nipples until they slip down beneath her lacy panties… You are doing it again, you just can’t help yourself. You are in her room hiding under something spying on your mother… nervous yet exhilarated… hoping she doesn’t catch you but deep down inside you wish that she would.

You fondly remember the last time she caught you. You thought she would be mad but she wasn’t. You were surprised when she started explaining why you feel the way you do but you were truly shocked when your own gorgeous mother started showing you all of the parts of her body that you were ever so interested in. That wasn’t all though… you still can’t believe what happened next. Her taking your hard penis in her hand and touching it. Just like you do but way way better… the way only a mother could touch her son. You feel it getting hard. You want to touch it but you know you shouldn’t.

Your mommy is on the bed touching herself again… just like she does every night. Your breathing is getting faster. You are so immersed in her movements… her sounds… her orgasm. That was so perfect and totally worth sneaking in her room again! You thought you got away with it like every other night… except this wasn’t any other night. This was the night that mommy caught you peeking agai.

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