Mmmm… what is it honey? What have I told you about waking mommy up when she is napping? I really need this nap… whatever could be so important?

Oh no… again? It looks even bigger than the last time. Oh sweetie, can’t this wait for like 20 minutes while I finish my nap? Ofcourse it can’t… mommy can’t leave you with such a huge uncomfortable erection like that, we have to get you taken care.

I’m just really too tired to get undressed or change into anything special so you are going to have to jerk for mommy’s jeans today. I’m sure you won’t mind, you always have loved mommy’s ass in jeans. So go ahead and get started. Pull your cock out and stroke for mommy’s ass in jeans.

That’s it sweetie, touch yourself for mommy… make that big cock feel so good and I’m sure we will milk a huge load from you today!

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